Why Kids Make You Fat

Why Kids Make You Fat
  • Author : Mark Macdonald
  • Publisher : HarperCollins
  • Pages : 320
  • Relase : 2015-04-28
  • ISBN : 9780062363954

Why Kids Make You Fat Book Review:

It's no secret that most of us get flabbier the older we get, and it's no surprise that the biggest spike in weight happens in the early stages of parenthood. Mark Macdonald knows the struggle himself, having gained thirty-five pounds after the birth of his son. It happened to him even as a nutritionist and former fitness model, so he knew he wasn't alone in the struggle. Along with his wife, Abbi, Mark has created this proven eight-week program specifically geared toward parents to help them shed the weight, discover new amounts of energy, and most importantly, create new sustainable habits to keep it from coming back.

Body Confidence

Body Confidence
  • Author : Mark Macdonald
  • Publisher : Harper Collins
  • Pages : 352
  • Relase : 2011-04-05
  • ISBN : 9780062078698

Body Confidence Book Review:

Say goodbye to feeling disappointed with your body—Body Confidence is the highly anticipated fitness book from world-renowned Venice Nutrition Program founder Mark Macdonald. Macdonald’s targeted series of diet and fitness strategies are proven to burn body fat, boost energy levels, increase muscle mass, and eliminate sugar cravings for a better looking, better feeling body today. Providing a step up to holistic body care for fans of Tosca Reno’s Eat-Clean Diet or Jorge Cruise’s Belly Fat Cure, and an excellent companion to Cynthia Sass’s Cinch!, the Venice Nutrition Program’s innovative fitness plan focuses on blood sugar stabilization and a complementary program of exercise, sleep, and stress management. A foreword by bestselling author Chelsea Handler will let you know why Body Confidence is your next step to a healthier, happier tomorrow.

Raising Disease Free Kids

Raising Disease Free Kids
  • Author : Dr Bruce Miller
  • Publisher : Oak Publication Sdn Bhd
  • Pages : 180
  • Relase : 2016-01-01
  • ISBN : 9789833735563

Raising Disease Free Kids Book Review:

Today, the diet of children has gone from basically fresh whole food to over-processed, grease-soaked, chemical-driven, sugar and salt-filled and nutritionally questionable dietary choices. Coupled with a sedentary lifestyle, your precious kids are now facing a whole new set of lifestyle and diet-related diseases such as diabetes, obesity, high blood pressure and heart disease, all unrelated to germs. You need to inculcate healthy eating habits and lifestyle to your kids during their formative years, as diseases develop, it doesn't start overnight. Prevention is about taking steps while your kids are healthy and not until they are faced with a crisis. Health is like money, we will never have a true idea of its value until we lose it. In easy to understand language, this book addresses the need for parents to make changes to their children's lifestyle and diet while they are young in order to fight diet related diseases; if you want to raise disease free kids.

The Healthiest Kid in the Neighborhood

The Healthiest Kid in the Neighborhood
  • Author : James Sears,William Sears,Martha Sears,Robert W. Sears
  • Publisher : Little, Brown Spark
  • Pages : 352
  • Relase : 2008-12-14
  • ISBN : 9780316055673

The Healthiest Kid in the Neighborhood Book Review:

America's foremost childcare experts present a practical, appetizing, easy-to-follow eating plan for shaping children's tastes and metabolisms toward optimal health.

Smart Leading and Parenting of Teenage Kids in the Digital Era

Smart Leading and Parenting of Teenage Kids in the Digital Era
  • Author : Dr. Siddhartha Ganguli
  • Publisher : Allied Publishers
  • Pages : 336
  • Relase : 2021-02-10
  • ISBN : 9789389934281

Smart Leading and Parenting of Teenage Kids in the Digital Era Book Review:

The physical features of teenage kids change to catch up with their brain circuits ready to take on the pre-historic hunter-gatherer roles. The goal: resource mobilisation for survival. Resource mobilisation would not only help them survive but also to earn them invisible rewards by way of positive brain chemicals and electricity. However, the post-industrialisation scenario has been quite different. Teenagers get groomed via skill- or academic development to take on economic roles latest by their mid-twenties. Such grooming strategy does not always lead to the invisible rewards which they would have earned had they been playing their pre-historic hunter-gatherer roles. Most interestingly, today’s versatile digital gadgets offer ample scope for earning brain rewards at the cost of sedentary lifestyles. The prevailing work-and-study-from-home culture has prompted the teenagers becoming dependent on digital technology and getting addicted to the gadgets for earning rewards. There is thus a new need for the parents of today’s teenagers. They must smartly lead themselves and their kids so that digital technology is utilised for their healthy all-round development thus preventing any possibility of addiction. Divided into two parts, the Part 1 of this book throws light on the realities combined with tips; and, Part 2 introduces the new concept of Brain Tools for the use of the kids and the parents, based on the author’s ongoing research on Neuro-management (NM).

YOU: Raising Your Child

YOU: Raising Your Child
  • Author : Michael F. Roizen,Mehmet Oz
  • Publisher : Simon and Schuster
  • Pages : 496
  • Relase : 2010-10-05
  • ISBN : 9781451628449

YOU: Raising Your Child Book Review:

Picking up where YOU: Having a Baby left off, the New York Times #1 bestselling authors of the YOU health series present the ultimate parent’s guide to raising a happy, healthy child. Dr. Mehmet Oz—host of television’s The Dr. Oz Show and a daily Sirius/XM radio program for Oprah Radio—and Dr. Michael Roizen—chief wellness officer and chair of the Wellness Institute of the Cleveland Clinic— have sold millions of books informing readers about healthy dieting, aging, and overall health. Now the Docs provide invaluable advice to help parents understand the biology and psychology of raising a happy, healthy child from birth to school age. The authors address everything from troubleshooting infant health issues to supporting the emotional and intellectual development of your child. Included are discussions of healthy nutrition, milestones for physical activity, building good habits, taking care of YOU, and how to cope with the biggest ailments and fears parents face today. The book is filled with wisdom and age-specific advice that will help parents manage all kinds of child-rearing questions and issues. In YOU: Raising Your Child, America’s most trusted doctors once again come to the rescue with the biology, psychology, and insider wisdom of providing a healthy and enriching environment.

More of You

More of You
  • Author : Amanda Martinez Beck
  • Publisher : Broadleaf Books
  • Pages : 200
  • Relase : 2022-05-24
  • ISBN : 9781506474250

More of You Book Review:

Too often, fatness has been viewed as a moral failing. Fat Christian women in particular are shamed and marginalized by the message that they are failing God because they can't change their bodies. More of You will challenge that status quo, teaching readers to resist the shame and guilt that is pressed onto them by the world and instead to embrace their bodies, take up space, and learn to navigate the world in ways that allow them to flourish. With wit and candor, Amanda Martinez Beck, a fat woman herself, compiles her hard-won wisdom to give the skinny on thriving in a fat body to others who have been pushed to the margins of acceptance. Offering helpful tools like The Fat Girl's Bill of Rights and a script for a weight-neutral doctor's visit, this book addresses real needs in the fat acceptance community, from how to find self-love in a thin-obsessed world, to navigating a world built for butts smaller than yours, to advocating for equality and justice for fat women's medical care.

Fit Kids Make Happy Kids

Fit Kids Make Happy Kids
  • Author : Heather Villarreal
  • Publisher : Page Publishing Inc
  • Pages : 70
  • Relase : 2017-02-06
  • ISBN : 9781682897591

Fit Kids Make Happy Kids Book Review:

Fit Kids Make Happy Kids by Heather Villarreal [--------------------------------------------]

Superimmunity for Kids

Superimmunity for Kids
  • Author : Leo Galland, M.D.,Dian Dincin Buchman
  • Publisher : Dell
  • Pages : 335
  • Relase : 1989-08-01
  • ISBN : 9780440506799

Superimmunity for Kids Book Review:

Dr. Galland, one of today’s most respected experts on immunology, puts his words into practice and offers the first truly scientific guide to maximum health through nutrition from infancy through adolescence. Superimmunity for Kids explains to parents how to feed their children so they can stay healthy, maintain peak disease-fighting capacity, and conquer illness most effectively. Using optimum nutrition and selected supplements, this unique program provides special requirements for infants, toddlers, school-age kids, and teens. Included in this book: • Nutrition advice for pregnant mothers • What breast milk can do for your baby • How to introduce your baby to nutritious solid foods • The Supernourished Toddler—vitamins, minerals, and a toddler meal-plan • Signs of a nutritional deficiency—stomachaches, infections, allergies, behavioral problems • How to fight the junk-food junkies • Special nutritional needs of adolescents—facts about obesity, acne, and osteoporosis • And a delicious assortment of recipes, including snacks, soups, breakfasts, and much, much more

How to Get Your Kid to Eat

How to Get Your Kid to Eat
  • Author : Ellyn Satter
  • Publisher : Bull Publishing Company
  • Pages : 396
  • Relase : 2012-06-01
  • ISBN : 9781936693290

How to Get Your Kid to Eat Book Review:

Answering a multitude of questions—such as What should a parent do with a child who wants to snack continuously? How should parents deal with a young teen who has declared herself a vegetarian and refuses to eat any type of meat? Or What can parents do with a child who claims he doesn't like what's been prepared, only to turn around and eat it at his friend's house?—this guide explores the relationship between parents, children, and food in a warm, friendly, and supportive way.

Acid Reflux in Children

Acid Reflux in Children
  • Author : Jamie Koufman,Julie L. Wei,Karen B Zur
  • Publisher : Simon and Schuster
  • Pages : 272
  • Relase : 2018-05-15
  • ISBN : 9781940561066

Acid Reflux in Children Book Review:

A Parent’s Guide to Reflux in Infants, Children & Teens “Meeting Dr. Jamie Koufman completely changed my life. My symptoms of chronic cough and shortness of breath had been diagnosed since my childhood as asthma. Dr. Koufman identified that I had reflux, not asthma, and guided me step by step how to cure it. I have my life back and I owe it all to Dr. Koufman's insight and help.” -Suze Orman, Host of the Suze Orman Show, CNBC This is an important book that will help change how America eats and guide parents to heal our needlessly sick children and adolescents. There are 80 million infants, children and teens in America, and most have unhealthy diets. Every year, tens of millions are misdiagnosed as having asthma, allergies, nasal congestion, ear infections, chronic cough and croup, when the real problem is acid reflux. A bad diet and childhood obesity are both strongly associated with reflux. So, when a child has a respiratory disease and is not getting better with medical treatment, we believe parents should consider that reflux may be the problem. Why? Because it can be fixed! Reflux is the greatest masquerader of our time. It can be the cause of almost any kind of respiratory symptom or disease. Unlike adults who may have obvious reflux symptoms (indigestion and heartburn), children are almost always “silently refluxing,” and silent means that reflux is mysterious, difficult to diagnose and easy to overlook. Kids with reflux rarely complain of heartburn or indigestion. Respiratory reflux is the missing link between bad diet and many symptoms. Today, respiratory reflux is so common it is almost invisible. Pediatricians and medical specialists often diagnose children with asthma, sinusitis or allergy, when what they really have is reflux. Doctors all too frequently prescribe children antacid medications without beneficial effects. The real villain is not vanquished by pills. Most medications won’t do a thing for children’s reflux symptoms and can sometimes cause more harm than good. Reflux is not only uncomfortable and inconvenient, it’s dangerous. If left untreated, reflux can wreak havoc on a child’s ears, nose, throat, airways, lungs and digestive system. Our successful reflux rehabilitation program is a platform for change, with the long-term goal of health maintenance and disease prevention. And, for overweight children, another benefit of this book’s reflux program is that they will lose weight naturally and slowly with a diet that is simply “lean, clean, green and alkaline.” When we fix a child’s reflux, parents’ knowledge translates to significant dietary changes for the entire family. Out go the juice, soda, chocolate milk and other unhealthy choices. When parents understand that too much acid and sugar in the diet, and eating supper too late in the day has a big negative impact on the family’s health, they act. Their children’s well-being is at stake. Once reflux is identified or even suspected, the fix is more in parents’ control than many realize. Acid Reflux in Children is the revolutionary book for parents who want to help their children lead healthy, active lives, free of acid reflux and the many other symptoms this condition can create. Here’s to our future - HEALTHY CHILDREN!

It's Not Just Baby Fat!

It's Not Just Baby Fat!
  • Author : Edward Abramson
  • Publisher :
  • Pages : 116
  • Relase : 2011-02
  • ISBN : 0615420753

It's Not Just Baby Fat! Book Review:

Dr. Abramson, a leading expert on eating and weight disorders, offers parents 10 practical steps to help their children achieve a healthy weight without increasing the risk of an eating disorder.

Plant-Based Diet Cookbook For Dummies

Plant-Based Diet Cookbook For Dummies
  • Author : Jenn Sebestyen
  • Publisher : John Wiley & Sons
  • Pages : 412
  • Relase : 2022-03-29
  • ISBN : 9781119846345

Plant-Based Diet Cookbook For Dummies Book Review:

Live longer, live healthier, and feel amazing with a plant-based diet A plant-based diet has been proved to be a healthy and balanced alternative to diets that include meat. Even more importantly, it can be absolutely delicious and fun! In Plant-Based Diet Cookbook For Dummies you'll get all the recipes you need to guide you through a durable lifestyle change that will boost your energy, lower inflammation, encourage a healthy weight, and reduce your risk of disease. With over 100 foolproof and engaging recipes, this life-changing book will help you: Get started from scratch with a plant-based diet that will save you money and time Discover new recipes and grocery shopping techniques that keep your fridge stocked with healthy, delicious food Learn how to navigate restaurants and social gatherings while maintaining your new lifestyle So, if you've been wondering if it's time to make a change to your diet and lifestyle, why not give the plant-based diet a try?

The Top 50 Questions Kids Ask (3rd through 5th Grade)

The Top 50 Questions Kids Ask (3rd through 5th Grade)
  • Author : Susan Bartell
  • Publisher : Sourcebooks, Inc.
  • Pages : 250
  • Relase : 2010-03-01
  • ISBN : 9781402247231

The Top 50 Questions Kids Ask (3rd through 5th Grade) Book Review:

Praise for the Top 50 Questions Kids Ask "If you've ever been stumped by a question your child has asked you, this book will help. Dr. Bartell identifies the 'hot-button' questions that consistently come up and actually provides the best possible answers to those questions so parents don't have to come up with them on their own on the spur of the moment" —Elisa Ast All, co-founder, iParenting Media and executive editor, Disney Mom & Family Portfolio "Finally, a book that answers all those questions we parents go in a cold sweat about! Dr. Susan tackles the tough ones such as money, shyness, siblings and religion. Plus, we get the psychology behind it all to better understand our kids. You'll find yourself using this book every day." —Pam Atherton, journalist and host of "A Closer Look" radio talk show "Tremendous, reassuring wisdom in an easy to access format!" —Grace Housholder, editor, Great Fort Wayne (Indiana) Family magazine "Bill Cosby was correct—kids do say the darndest things. They also ask the darndest questions. What a stroke of brilliance to have captured these questions and then to provide parents with the best way to respond to each. Dr. Susan Bartell has once again found a way to offer sensible, succinct and straightforward advice in yet another amazing book." —Sara Dimerman, Psych. Assoc., Child and Family Therapist, author of "Character Is the Key" and "Am I a Normal Parent?" "Why can't I stay home alone?" "Can I get a cell phone?" "Who will take care of me if you die?" If you're the parent of a seven- to eleven-year-old, there's no doubt you've heard them already—and there are countless more to come. Questions! They come in all types: curious, nagging, touching, annoying, and downright weird. What they all have in common is that parents are often at a total loss for how to answer them. Inside you'll find the concrete responses that will make sense to kids, stop the nagging, reduce your frustration, and begin healthy new conversations that will enrich your child's view of the world. You'll learn to talk confidently with your child about the toughest of topics, with advice and support from expert family psychologist Dr. Susan Bartell. Responding to your child's questions can be a remarkable parenting opportunity—if you just know the right words to say. "Finally, a book that answers all those questions we parents go in a cold sweat about! Dr. Susan tackles the tough ones such as money, shyness, siblings, and religion. Plus, we get the psychology behind it all to better understand our kids. You'll find yourself using this book every day." —Pam Atherton, journalist and host of A Closer Look radio talk show

Weight Watchers Eat! Move! Play!

Weight Watchers Eat! Move! Play!
  • Author : Weight Watchers
  • Publisher : John Wiley & Sons
  • Pages : 229
  • Relase : 2010-03-22
  • ISBN : 9780470474204

Weight Watchers Eat! Move! Play! Book Review:

The commonsense parent's guide to developing smart, healthy eating habits in their children Whether it's 24/7 snacking, daily fast-food runs, or nonstop video-game marathons, nowadays it's tougher than ever to get kids to eat right and move more. Yet it is possible to encourage nutritious eating habits and a healthy active lifestyle in your kids—if you have the right tools. Weight Watchers Eat! Move! Play! gives you trusted information on how to develop and maintain the right habits for keeping the whole family happy and healthy. Designed to help you become a healthier role model for your children, Weight Watchers Eat! Move! Play! demystifies the four vitally important elements for a healthy lifestyle, including developing a positive body image; a taste for wholesome, nutritious foods; smart eating habits; and a love of physical activity. In addition, Weight Watchers Eat! Move! Play! • Presents five simple rules that all families can live by for keeping the household fit • Supplies quizzes and self-assessments for parents to understand their parenting styles better • Explains what a healthy weight is for a child, while providing advice on how to talk to children—and their pediatricians—about healthy weight and nutrition • Delivers hundreds of doable tips, ideas, and checklists to help parents implement the best practices for eating healthier and moving more • Includes more than 75 kid-friendly recipes that encourage children—from toddlers to school-age to help out in the kitchen Weight Watchers Eat! Move! Play! shows that when followed consistently, just a few simple household rules and practices are all it takes to get and keep your family living a healthy, active lifestyle.

Raising the Resistance

Raising the Resistance
  • Author : Farrah Alexander
  • Publisher : Mango Media Inc.
  • Pages : 213
  • Relase : 2020-08-11
  • ISBN : 9781642503753

Raising the Resistance Book Review:

A sensible guide for mothers looking to incorporate activism in their parenting to raise empathetic, politically aware children. Acknowledging the dual role of mother and citizen, Scary Mommy writer and mom Farrah Alexander provides empowerment and guidance for the modern progressive mother . . . Mothers are a force to be reckoned with. And after the Women’s March and midterm elections, moms have surely secured their spot in today’s feminist movement. But for those who aren’t ready to make a bid for the presidency, the way forward can seem daunting and unclear. Whether it’s correcting a misinformed family member about gender equality or running for political office, this bold and accessible primer presents active parents with different types of activism they can incorporate into their parenting, no matter how big or small. With practical guidance, political commentary, and inspiration, this feminist manifesto for moms tackles problems from political representation to sexual misconduct. It doesn’t just validate present-day feminist frustration, it also offers practical ways to channel it into solutions. Most importantly, it proves that by planting seeds of empathy and political awareness in their children, moms can raise their children to be change-makers. They can raise the resistance. Inside, learn: Self-care techniques for badass moms Strategies for becoming a role model in today’s feminist movement Different types of activism moms can use to take a stand, and more! Praise for Raising the Resistance “Will inspire every mom to demand action in their own community and empower them with the confidence and tools to do so.” —Shannon Watts, author of Fight Like a Mother

Perfect Calorie Counting

Perfect Calorie Counting
  • Author : Kate Santon
  • Publisher : Random House
  • Pages : 176
  • Relase : 2008-09-04
  • ISBN : 9781407006789

Perfect Calorie Counting Book Review:

Perfect Calorie Counting is the ideal companion for anyone who's watching their weight. It gives detailed nutritional information alongside calorie counts of your favourite dishes. Covering everything from advice on which foods are the best sources of antioxidants to tips on how be calorie-conscious while still eating the food you like, it walks you through all the steps you can take to improve your diet. Thousands of foods are listed so everyone will be catered for. Whether you're keen to shed a few pounds for a special occasion or you just want to eat more healthily, Perfect Calorie Counting has all you need to know. The Perfect series is a range of practical guides that give clear and straightforward advice on everything from getting your first job to choosing your baby's name. Written by experienced authors offering tried-and-tested tips, each book contains all you need to get it right first time.

Why Diets Make Us Fat

Why Diets Make Us Fat
  • Author : Sandra Aamodt
  • Publisher : Penguin
  • Pages : 304
  • Relase : 2016-06-07
  • ISBN : 9780698186668

Why Diets Make Us Fat Book Review:

“If diets worked, we'd all be thin by now. Instead, we have enlisted hundreds of millions of people into a war we can't win." What’s the secret to losing weight? If you’re like most of us, you’ve tried cutting calories, sipping weird smoothies, avoiding fats, and swapping out sugar for Splenda. The real secret is that all of those things are likely to make you weigh more in a few years, not less. In fact, a good predictor of who will gain weight is who says they plan to lose some. Last year, 108 million Americans went on diets, to the applause of doctors, family, and friends. But long-term studies of dieters consistently find that they’re more likely to end up gaining weight in the next two to fifteen years than people who don’t diet. Neuroscientist Sandra Aamodt spent three decades in her own punishing cycle of starving and regaining before turning her scientific eye to the research on weight and health. What she found defies the conventional wisdom about dieting: ·Telling children that they’re overweight makes them more likely to gain weight over the next few years. Weight shaming has the same effect on adults. ·The calories you absorb from a slice of pizza depend on your genes and on your gut bac­teria. So does the number of calories you’re burning right now. ·Most people who lose a lot of weight suffer from obsessive thoughts, binge eating, depres­sion, and anxiety. They also burn less energy and find eating much more rewarding than it was before they lost weight. ·Fighting against your body’s set point—a cen­tral tenet of most diet plans—is exhausting, psychologically damaging, and ultimately counterproductive. If dieting makes us fat, what should we do instead to stay healthy and reduce the risks of diabetes, heart disease, and other obesity-related conditions? With clarity and candor, Aamodt makes a spirited case for abandoning diets in favor of behav­iors that will truly improve and extend our lives.

Fat Dad, Fat Kid

Fat Dad, Fat Kid
  • Author : Shay Butler,Gavin Butler
  • Publisher : Simon and Schuster
  • Pages : 208
  • Relase : 2015-12-29
  • ISBN : 9781476792323

Fat Dad, Fat Kid Book Review:

In today’s world where fast-food restaurants, soda, and processed foods reign supreme, does “fat dad” have to mean “fat kid”? Digital entrepreneur and beloved vlogger Shay Butler and his preteen son, Gavin, decided to find out the answer for themselves. Before Shay became famous for vlogging about life with his boisterous brood of five, known on YouTube as the Shaytards, he was like many other American dads: He worked 9 to 5 to pay the bills, ate double bacon cheeseburgers during his lunch breaks, sipped soda throughout the day, and watched Netflix with handfuls of candy. These small behaviors added up, and before he turned thirty, Shay was nearly 300 pounds. Motivated by the fear that he could have a heart attack before thirty-five, Shay decided to make incremental changes to his eating habits and exercise regimen. Adopting the attitude that every action, no matter how small, was better than what he was doing before, Shay lost more than 100 pounds and ran four marathons, becoming a source of inspiration for everyone who followed his journey on his ShayLoss channel on YouTube. Now, at the age of thirty-five, Shay has discovered that “maintaining” is the hard part. He has also seen how some of his hard-to-break habits are affecting his children, particularly his eldest son, Gavin, who grew up during the years when his dad had “a little extra Shay on him.” Determined to get back into shape and inspire his son along the way, Shay asked Gavin to embark on a thirty-day challenge with him to eat clean and do thirty minutes of exercise a day. Full of Shay’s signature blend of humor, honesty, and unbridled enthusiasm, Fat Dad, Fat Kid chronicles the ups and downs of Shay and Gavin’s thirty days together, reflects on Shay’s lifelong struggle with health and fitness, and proves that it’s never too late for parents or children to embrace a healthier lifestyle—even when it doesn’t come easy.

Let's Get Rid of Fat

Let's Get Rid of Fat
  • Author : Graham Ryland
  • Publisher : Strategic Book Publishing
  • Pages : 77
  • Relase : 2011-11
  • ISBN : 9781612040639

Let's Get Rid of Fat Book Review:

If you have a weight problem, today is the day to change your life and read Let's Get Rid of Fat: This one just works. Start losing weight now. Says author Graham Ryland, My wife and I quite happily separated many years ago. I had retired from my own company and wished to sail around the world in my yacht. My wife was made the CEO of the company she was working for and wished to stay. Pam was a slim lady full of life and vitality. We parted for some sixteen years. I had sold the yacht and returned to my old city. I met an old friend and he gave me my wife's address. We met and got back together again. In those sixteen years, Pam put on weight and was battling several diseases. She had trouble walking uphill, having to stop every few paces and hold her heart with pain, and her diabetes was out of control. Graham studied sugar, salt and food additives, putting Pam on a fat-free eating program. It took her ten months to lose over 125 pounds. Pam is now a healthy lady, walks up hills and stairs, and is back kayaking four miles. She is a new woman. In her words, 'There is no way I would go off this program and back to the old misery.' About the Author: Inspired by his wife, Pamela, Graham Ryland hopes this book will help others live healthier lives. He is retired and lives in Melbourne, Australia. Publisher's website: http: //SBPRA.com/GrahamRylan