Million Dollar Fake

Million Dollar Fake
  • Author : Mia Faye
  • Publisher :
  • Pages : 522
  • Relase : 2021-10-25
  • ISBN : 1087987458

Million Dollar Fake Book Review:

The Boss(hole)

The Boss(hole)
  • Author : Penelope Bloom
  • Publisher :
  • Pages : 266
  • Relase : 2021-07-18
  • ISBN : 9798539771065

The Boss(hole) Book Review:

There are a few things you absolutely don't do in Adrian Terranova's world. You don't question him. You don't challenge him. You don't call him by his first name. You definitely don't contradict him in front of his entire staff. Unless you're me, apparently. I'd love to say I stood up to the bosshole from hell and walked away unscathed, but that'd be a lie. First he got me fired from the job I couldn't afford to lose. Then he made sure the only position in the city I could get was working as his personal assistant. He runs his office with iron buns and icy glares. Every day is cloudy with a chance of grumpy. Every moment is a test he expects me to fail, but I'll happily disappoint him. They say he's impossible to please? That he never smiles? Well, I don't run from challenges. I run into them. And then I make them attend office glitter parties with hot dogs. Sometimes I also get scared on company flights and crash face first in my boss' lap during turbulence. Or there was the time I wound up half-naked in his hotel room... But I know one thing for certain. No matter how many times I have to look at his obnoxiously attractive, insufferably arrogant rear end, I won't break. I won't even bend. Adrian: I won't break her, but she's absolutely going to bend. Over my desk, I think. Or maybe the couch in reception?

Holiday Bridal Wave (A Forbidden Office Fake Marriage Billionaire Grumpy/Sunshine Holiday Romance)

Holiday Bridal Wave (A Forbidden Office Fake Marriage Billionaire Grumpy/Sunshine Holiday Romance)
  • Author : Gwyn McNamee,Christy Anderson
  • Publisher : Gwyn McNamee
  • Pages : 300
  • Relase : 2020-10-27
  • ISBN :

Holiday Bridal Wave (A Forbidden Office Fake Marriage Billionaire Grumpy/Sunshine Holiday Romance) Book Review:

Wanted: one bride for marriage to billionaire heir at New Year’s Eve wedding. Submit resume and photo to ARCHIMEDES All I want is to be CEO at Warren Enterprises Worldwide, but the newly revised Warren Trust makes it clear... I won’t inherit the company or the family fortune unless I’m hitched before the first of the year. Too bad I don’t have a girlfriend or fiancée. What I do have is charm, dashing good looks, a prestigious lineage, an email address, and a faithful assistant willing to help me sort through all the applicants. But the longer we spend weeding out the duds, the more I appreciate the woman in front of me. Too bad Blaire doesn’t fit the requirements for a Warren bride. And one way or another, this New Year’s Eve, I’ll be kissing my wife at the stroke of midnight. BLAIRE Helping my hot boss find a bride isn’t really part of my job description. It’s busy enough around the office during the holidays without having to comb through applications from vapid bimbos who only want the Warren money. But Archie needs my help, and I’m hopeless to deny him when he flashes me that panty-melting grin and sings my praises. He says I’m invaluable. As an employee...or more? Because with every moment we spend together planning his loveless New Year’s Eve wedding, my heart inches closer to falling in love with him. Holiday miracles are the things of fairy tales, but this New Year’s Eve, one might be found in the place they least expect it.

No Boss Of Mine

No Boss Of Mine
  • Author : River Laurent,Iona Rose
  • Publisher : River Laurent
  • Pages : 274
  • Relase : 2020-04-29
  • ISBN : 1911608436

No Boss Of Mine Book Review:

Ashley. He's everything I HATE in a man! He's arrogant, he's shallow, he's rude... why, he's a living, breathing, walking male chauvinist jerk. That annoying misogynist actually turns up at my office and brazenly proceeds to insult my dress sense, and tell me he finds me unattractive, then proceeds to ask me to marry him! I smile sweetly and tell him to go to hell.But then I have a change of heart. Is it because he has piercing blue eyes, jet-black silky hair that a woman can grab onto when things get hot, and is basically a hunk that must be washed down twice a day with a woman's tongue. No, no, none of that. I'm immune to such obvious charms. I don't like men who think they can order me around just because they're rich, and successful, and gorgeous. But I do need a little money, actually a whole lot of it so...Sensibly, we agree to a marriage in name only, and only for as long as it takes for him to get what he wants. After all, we both hate each other's guts.Until the incident in his study happens. Unexpected, that was. We both acknowledge it was a mistake and promise not to do it again. Until it happens again. And again.Oh dear, how was I to know chauvinist jerks can grow on you. So fast it makes your head spin.

This is where I Leave You

This is where I Leave You
  • Author : Jonathan Tropper
  • Publisher : Dutton
  • Pages : 339
  • Relase : 2010
  • ISBN : 9780452296367

This is where I Leave You Book Review:

Judd Foxman is thrown together with his dysfunctional family when his father dies, while at the same time coping with his wife's infidelity and the end of his marriage.

The Accidental Wife

The Accidental Wife
  • Author : Shayla Hart
  • Publisher :
  • Pages : 480
  • Relase : 2020-12-05
  • ISBN : 9798577065010

The Accidental Wife Book Review:

"You've given me a taste of you and now...I want more. Shayla Hart, a 27-year-old, fiercely independent, young woman with aspirations of becoming an architect lands a job at Cult Designs -- one of the world's most prestigious architectural firms in London. A wild night out with her two best friends to celebrate her new job quickly gets out of hand when she finds herself in Las Vegas, hungover, with no memory, and married to none other than Tristan Cole Hoult -- the devilishly handsome, and charming stranger she meets at the club. The meaningless, wildly passionate, one-night-stand with the irresistibly sexy stranger Shayla was hoping for, quickly becomes more than she bargained for.

F is for Fake Marriage

F is for Fake Marriage
  • Author : Annie J Rose
  • Publisher :
  • Pages : 212
  • Relase : 2020-04-18
  • ISBN : 9798636905783

F is for Fake Marriage Book Review:

He's the best bad decision I ever made.It was only one night.A business trip.City lights and passion.Intense.Impossible.He's my boss. Too bad I can't forget the night we spent together in Paris.It's hard enough on my own, dealing with my needy sister and pretending I don't have feelings for Toby. My genius, alpha male boss with the piercing eyes and rock-hard abs.We acted like it never happened.Until I told him about my crazy ex. The one who's coming after me. Speaking of crazy, my hot, delectable boss has the craziest idea.A fake marriage. To him.He'll pretend to be my husband and protect me from my ex.Insane? Or insanely tempting?After the hell I went through with my ex, a little sexual healing may be just what I need.My ex is dangerous. My sister is falling for him, but he's out to get me.My life is at risk, and my boss, my lover, -he can never find out.Because my fake husband is going to be a real daddy.No matter what it costs me, I'll keep our baby safe. I'll never tell him the truth. He's the only man I'll ever love.He deserves more than a hot mess with a crazy ex and a secret baby.I'll never regret what we meant to each other. I'll cherish our child. And miss Toby, my irresistible alpha boss for the rest of my life.F is for Fake Marriage is a full-length office romance full of secrets and surprises and a whirlwind of forbidden naughtiness, all wrapped up with a beautiful and sweet HEA sure to make your heart soar! This book is part of the Office Secrets series but stands alone. Books do not have to be read in order

The Unwanted Wife

The Unwanted Wife
  • Author : Natasha Anders
  • Publisher : Montlake Romance
  • Pages : 237
  • Relase : 2014-03-25
  • ISBN : 1477818065

The Unwanted Wife Book Review:

No one had ever looked at her and seen perfection--until now. Delicate, titian-haired Theresa Noble has met her father's associates in the past, but the gorgeous, Italian-born Sandro De Lucci leaves her speechless. Eighteen months into their marriage, however, Sandro has turned to ice. Desperate to escape a relationship that has proven to be as stubbornly passionate as it is cold and hateful, Theresa summons up the courage to ask for a divorce. But before he'll grant her request, Sandro demands something from Theresa: a son. The stalemate sickens her. Never mind that Sandro has yet to introduce Theresa to the large family that means so much to him. Or that Theresa overhears her husband on the phone with a mystery woman. Most damning is that Theresa senses, in Sandro's treatment of her, the behind-the-scenes machinations of Jackson Noble, her cruel father. From the depths of her anxiety, Theresa must seek an empowering truth about the husband who calls her, with such cold affection, his cara, his beloved.

The Billionaire's Fake Marriage

The Billionaire's Fake Marriage
  • Author : Vanessa Brown
  • Publisher : Createspace Independent Publishing Platform
  • Pages : 192
  • Relase : 2016-02-01
  • ISBN : 1523811250

The Billionaire's Fake Marriage Book Review:

A complete story, brought to you by bestselling author Vanessa Brown. Billionaire Janet is an app whiz, and has created multiple apps worth millions of dollars. Unfortunately, Janet is feeling a bit burned out, so travels to a secluded island for some downtime. While there, she's inspired to create a new international dating app for those wanting to meet people without revealing big details, such as occupation or social status. But when the app doesn't take off as expected, her team devise a marketing scheme that involves Janet pretending to find someone on her app, and getting together with them. That someone is Brian, a handsome and charming Brit who agrees to the marriage of convenience. However, neither Janet nor Brian expected to develop real feelings for each other. Nor did they expect to encounter a sneaky investigative reporter who's determined to find out the truth. Will their relationship, fake marriage and the app survive an expose? Find out in this exciting and steamy romance by Vanessa Brown of BWWM Club. Suitable for over 18s only due to sex scenes so hot, you'll want to find your own Brit to keep you warm!

The Billionaire's Fake Wife

The Billionaire's Fake Wife
  • Author : L Steele
  • Publisher :
  • Pages : 238
  • Relase : 2020-07-14
  • ISBN : 9798666280492

The Billionaire's Fake Wife Book Review:

I never should have agreed to becoming his fake wife... Sinclair Amadeus Sterling aka Mr. Superior Jackass with a God complex.Who also happens to be my blackmailer... gulp.Tall, dark, gazzilionaire growly pants.The first time I met him, I kneed him in his very well endowed balls, don't ask!He had that tightly leashed, controlling air and a smoldering glare that made me damp in seconds.The only thing that sucks worse than his attitude is his (lack of) sense of humor! Honest.Sadly, he's also the one who could save my business from going bust. Hell!So when he offers me the chance to work with him, I can hardly refuse, right?Only catch? I need to be his pretend wife for hold-your-breath, thirty days.I should have turned and run right then, but...He has the connections to help my sister's failing health, not to mention the money to wipe away my debt.And yeah that... sneaky video recording of him getting me off. OMG!Besides, it's only thirty days, right?It's not like I'm in danger of falling in love with London's most notorious bachelor.Then he tells me the real reason for the charade.And everything changes... Note: This is a standalone Enemies to Lovers, Fake Marriage, Billionaire Romance featuring a hot possessive billionaire and the curvy spitfire who dares to go toe to toe with him! 1-Click NOW

Behind Closed Doors

Behind Closed Doors
  • Author : B. A. Paris
  • Publisher : St. Martin's Press
  • Pages : 336
  • Relase : 2016-08-09
  • ISBN : 9781250121011

Behind Closed Doors Book Review:

THE INSTANT NEW YORK TIMES AND USA TODAY BESTSELLING DEBUT PSYCHOLOGICAL THRILLER YOU CAN'T MISS! The perfect marriage? Or the perfect lie? “A hair-raising debut, both unsettling and addictive...A chilling thriller that will keep you reading long into the night.” —Mary Kubica, New York Times and USA Today bestselling author of The Good Girl “This is one readers won’t be able to put down.” —Booklist (starred review) "A can’t-put-down psychological thriller.” —Library Journal (starred review) “This debut is guaranteed to haunt you...Warning: brace yourself.” —Bustle (10 New Thrillers to Read This Summer) “The sense of believably and terror that engulfs Behind Closed Doors doesn't waver.” —The Associated Press, picked up by The Washington Post “This was one of the best and most terrifying psychological thrillers I have ever read.” —San Francisco Book Review Everyone knows a couple like Jack and Grace. He has looks and wealth; she has charm and elegance. He’s a dedicated attorney who has never lost a case; she is a flawless homemaker, a masterful gardener and cook, and dotes on her disabled younger sister. Though they are still newlyweds, they seem to have it all. You might not want to like them, but you do. You’re hopelessly charmed by the ease and comfort of their home, by the graciousness of the dinner parties they throw. You’d like to get to know Grace better. But it’s difficult, because you realize Jack and Grace are inseparable. Some might call this true love. Others might wonder why Grace never answers the phone. Or why she can never meet for coffee, even though she doesn’t work. How she can cook such elaborate meals but remain so slim. Or why she never seems to take anything with her when she leaves the house, not even a pen. Or why there are such high-security metal shutters on all the downstairs windows. Some might wonder what’s really going on once the dinner party is over, and the front door has closed. From bestselling author B. A. Paris comes the gripping thriller and international phenomenon Behind Closed Doors.

You're The One

You're The One
  • Author : Layla Hagen
  • Publisher : Layla Hagen
  • Pages : 320
  • Relase : 2020-02-03
  • ISBN :

You're The One Book Review:

It all starts as pretend… My best friend, and one of the most powerful men in New York, needs my help. Our first kiss is unexpected—but it still makes my skin sizzle, my knees go weak. The next one is in front of his tight-knit family. We have to be convincing. But it’s so wicked hot, it almost fools me too. On our first night together, he tells me that I have to keep us both in check, because he doesn’t know how to keep the lines from blurring… He touches me like I’m precious, and holds me close… barely stopping his fingers from pushing down the straps of my dress… Our second night is sexy as hell. Intense. Alluring. How am I supposed to not fall in love?

The Seven Principles for Making Marriage Work

The Seven Principles for Making Marriage Work
  • Author : John Mordechai Gottman,Nan Silver
  • Publisher : Harmony
  • Pages : 295
  • Relase : 2015-05-05
  • ISBN : 9780553447712

The Seven Principles for Making Marriage Work Book Review:

Drawing on groundbreaking research into the dynamics of healthy relationships, a study of the basic principles that make up a happy, long-lasting marriage shares easy-to-understand, helpful advice on how to cope with such issues as work, children, money, sex, and stress. 35,000 first printing. Tour.

Don't Mind if "I Do"

Don't Mind if
  • Author : Everly Ashton
  • Publisher : Piper Rayne, Inc.
  • Pages :
  • Relase : 2021-12-01
  • ISBN :

Don't Mind if "I Do" Book Review:

It’s not every day the woman who broke your heart asks to be your wife. Life is good. I’m single. I’m an emergency room doctor. And according to my hookups, I’m hot AF. Then she walks back into my life. I haven’t seen Mazzy Pembrooke since the night she betrayed me. So when she comes into my work asking me to make good on a childhood pact and marry her, I’m speechless. She’s the last woman I’d want to marry—even if it’s pretend and with a definitive end date. But after I find myself in a sticky situation at work, marrying Mazzy might just benefit me too. Once we’re living as husband and wife under the same roof though, I struggle to remember that I hate this woman and the fake marriage doesn’t feel so fake anymore. Don’t Mind if “I Do” is a fake marriage, friends to enemies to lovers rom-com loaded with laughs. No cheating. HEA.

Love All

Love All
  • Author : Anonim
  • Publisher : Manish sharma
  • Pages : 167
  • Relase : 2013
  • ISBN : 9789350835098

Love All Book Review:

The Lord's Fake Fiance (A BWWM Interracial Fake Marriage Romance)

The Lord's Fake Fiance (A BWWM Interracial Fake Marriage Romance)
  • Author : Tasha Hart
  • Publisher : BWWM Romance with Heart
  • Pages :
  • Relase : 2022-02-15
  • ISBN :

The Lord's Fake Fiance (A BWWM Interracial Fake Marriage Romance) Book Review:

Chris is English royalty… And now he’s getting kicked out of America. You’d think being an English Lord would give a guy some leeway with the immigration authorities, but ICE doesn’t care. His visa isn’t renewed and now he’s got to leave the United States. So, he does the only thing he thinks will let him stay… He gets fake married to the delicious Black Queen, Ana. She’s a model he met in a coffee shop and from the first moment she thought he was fine. So fine she’s totally cool with lying to the Department of Homeland Security. You know how sinfully delicious a man’s gotta be to make you risk jail time? But is it worth it? Because it started out as just a simple transaction, no strings attached. But then feelings got involved and it got messy. Will it get too messy for this fancy English Lord and this Black Queen from New York City? Or will they make it last? Can English royalty mix with urban chic? Discover what happens by one-clicking this hilarious BWWM romance!

The Book Thief

The Book Thief
  • Author : Markus Zusak
  • Publisher : Knopf Books for Young Readers
  • Pages : 578
  • Relase : 2007-12-18
  • ISBN : 9780307433848

The Book Thief Book Review:

#1 NEW YORK TIMES BESTSELLER • ONE OF TIME MAGAZINE’S 100 BEST YA BOOKS OF ALL TIME The extraordinary, beloved novel about the ability of books to feed the soul even in the darkest of times. When Death has a story to tell, you listen. It is 1939. Nazi Germany. The country is holding its breath. Death has never been busier, and will become busier still. Liesel Meminger is a foster girl living outside of Munich, who scratches out a meager existence for herself by stealing when she encounters something she can’t resist–books. With the help of her accordion-playing foster father, she learns to read and shares her stolen books with her neighbors during bombing raids as well as with the Jewish man hidden in her basement. In superbly crafted writing that burns with intensity, award-winning author Markus Zusak, author of I Am the Messenger, has given us one of the most enduring stories of our time. “The kind of book that can be life-changing.” —The New York Times “Deserves a place on the same shelf with The Diary of a Young Girl by Anne Frank.” —USA Today DON’T MISS BRIDGE OF CLAY, MARKUS ZUSAK’S FIRST NOVEL SINCE THE BOOK THIEF.

The Contract

The Contract
  • Author : Melanie Moreland
  • Publisher :
  • Pages : 356
  • Relase : 2018-01-09
  • ISBN : 1988610095

The Contract Book Review:

What do you do when the one person you hate the most becomes the one person you can't live without?

The Kite Runner

The Kite Runner
  • Author : Khaled Hosseini
  • Publisher : A&C Black
  • Pages : 336
  • Relase : 2011-09-05
  • ISBN : 9781408824856

The Kite Runner Book Review:

Over 21 million copies sold worldwide

Doctor's Secret Baby

Doctor's Secret Baby
  • Author : Crystal Monroe
  • Publisher :
  • Pages : 216
  • Relase : 2021-02-15
  • ISBN : 9798709479005

Doctor's Secret Baby Book Review:

One wild night.One grumpy boss.And a baby I can't tell him about.It was the start of my dream life.New job, new town, loser ex-boyfriend kicked to the curb.So I let loose for once.Went home with a guy with stunning blue eyes and a naughty smile.You know the smile.The kind that makes toes curls and leaves scratches down his back.But I have no regrets...Until I report to work at the hospital and in walks Dr. Naughty Smile.Except he's not so charming with his white coat on.Dr. Ethan Cole is a cocky off-limits prick while on the clock.But off the clock those chiseled abs are mine.So, I'll play the enemy.Because in this small town, loving him could be the end of me.Oh, did I mention he's the baby's daddy?Maybe it's time to tell him.Doctor's Secret Baby is a standalone, full-length romance with no cheating or cliffhangers. The HEA is guaranteed to make you swoon!The books in the Cole Brothers series can be read in any order.