Scripture and the Authority of God

Scripture and the Authority of God
  • Author : N. T. Wright
  • Publisher : HarperOne
  • Pages : 224
  • Relase : 2013-03-19
  • ISBN : 0062212648

Scripture and the Authority of God Book Review:

"But what does scripture say?” That question has echoed through a thousand debates in the life of the worldwide church. All churches have officially endorsed strong statements about the centrality of scripture and its authority in their mission, life, doctrine, and discipline. But there is no agreement on what this might mean or how it might work in practice. Individuals and churches struggle with how to respond to issues such as war, homosexuality, and abortion, and especially how to interpret biblical passages that discuss these topics. These disagreements often serve to undermine our confidence in the authority of the Bible. Bishop and Bible scholar N. T. Wright delivers a new model for how to understand the place of scripture and God’s authority in the midst of religious confusion. Wright gives new life to the old, tattered doctrine of the authority of scripture, delivering a fresh, helpful, and concise statement on how to read the Bible today, restoring scripture as a place to find God’s voice. In this revised and expanded edition of the previously titled book The Last Word, Wright provides two case studies that delve into what it means to keep Sabbath and how Christians can defend marital monogamy. These studies offer not only bold biblical insights but also showcase Wright’s new model for how to interpret scripture and restore its role as the church’s main resource for teaching and guidance. Removing the baggage that the last 100 years of controversy and confusion have placed on this doctrine, Wright renews our confidence in the Bible and shows how it can once again serve as the living Word of God for our lives.

A High View of Scripture? (Evangelical Ressourcement)

A High View of Scripture? (Evangelical Ressourcement)
  • Author : Craig D. Allert
  • Publisher : Baker Academic
  • Pages : 204
  • Relase : 2007-06-01
  • ISBN : 9781441201591

A High View of Scripture? (Evangelical Ressourcement) Book Review:

Where did the Bible come from? Author Craig D. Allert encourages more evangelicals to ask that question. In A High View of Scripture? Allert introduces his audience to the diverse history of the canon's development and what impact it has today on how we view Scripture. Allert affirms divine inspiration of the Bible and, in fact, urges the very people who proclaim the ultimate authority of the Bible to be informed about how it came to be. This book, the latest in the Evangelical Ressourcement series, will be valuable as a college or seminary text and for readers interested in issues of canon development and biblical authority.

Engaging Biblical Authority

Engaging Biblical Authority
  • Author : William P. Brown
  • Publisher : Westminster John Knox Press
  • Pages : 158
  • Relase : 2007
  • ISBN : 9780664230579

Engaging Biblical Authority Book Review:

Is the Bible infallible or inerrant, as some churches claim? Is it a historical document or a piece of literature, as some scholars suggest? This book offers a brief introduction to the question of biblical authority, using essays written by sixteen scholars who use the Bible as the Word of God in their own religious tradition and in their scholarship. Beginning with an introduction to the foundational issues of biblical authority, these scholars each present a different, but sympathetic, view of the Bible from his or her own perspective and experience. Their voices include traditional Reformed, Lutheran, Wesleyan, Catholic, Jewish, and Orthodox views; recent conservative or evangelical positions; and critical African American, Asian American, Hispanic, feminist, and womanist perspectives. --From publisher's description.

In Defense of the Bible

In Defense of the Bible
  • Author : Steven B. Cowan,Terry L. Wilder
  • Publisher : B&H Publishing Group
  • Pages : 508
  • Relase : 2013
  • ISBN : 9781433676789

In Defense of the Bible Book Review:

Noted scholars (William A. Dembski, Darrell L. Bock, etc.) address and respond to all major contemporary challenges (philosophical, historical, ethical, scientific, etc.) to the divine inspiration and authority of the Bible.

The Enduring Authority of the Christian Scriptures

The Enduring Authority of the Christian Scriptures
  • Author : D. A. Carson
  • Publisher : Wm. B. Eerdmans Publishing
  • Pages : 1256
  • Relase : 2016
  • ISBN : 9780802865762

The Enduring Authority of the Christian Scriptures Book Review:

In this volume, thirty-seven first-rate evangelical scholars present a thorough study of biblical authority and a full range of issues connected to it. Recognizing that Scripture and its authority are now being both challenged and defended with renewed vigor, editor D.A. Carson assigned the topics that these select scholars address in the book. After an introduction by Carson to the many facets of the current discussion, the contributors present robust essays on relevant historical, biblical, theological, philosophical, epistemological, and comparative-religions topics. To conclude, Carson answers a number of frequently asked questions about the nature of Scripture, cross-referencing these FAQs to the preceding chapters. This comprehensive volume by a team of recognized experts will be the go-to reference on the nature and authority of the Bible for years to come. -- Amazon

Women and the Authority of Scripture

Women and the Authority of Scripture
  • Author : Sarah Heaner Lancaster
  • Publisher : A&C Black
  • Pages : 207
  • Relase : 2002-09-01
  • ISBN : 9781563383564

Women and the Authority of Scripture Book Review:

Addresses the theological impact of accepting the absolute authority of biblical scripture and its related issues, examining how women in the church have dealt with scriptural authority while offering advice on how they can address it in the future. Original.

God's Word Alone---The Authority of Scripture

God's Word Alone---The Authority of Scripture
  • Author : Matthew Barrett
  • Publisher : Zondervan Academic
  • Pages : 240
  • Relase : 2016-09-20
  • ISBN : 9780310515739

God's Word Alone---The Authority of Scripture Book Review:

Scholar and pastor Matthew Barrett retraces the historical and biblical roots of the doctrine that Scripture alone is the final and decisive authority for God's people. God's Word Alone is a decisive defense of the Bible as the inspired and inerrant Word of God. Revitalizing one of the five great declarations of the Reformation—sola Scriptura—Barrett: Analyzes what the idea of sola Scriptura is and what it entails, clarifying why the doctrine is truth and why it's so essential to Christianity. Surveys the development of this theme in the Reformation and traces the crisis that followed resulting in a shift away from the authority of Scripture. Shows that we need to recover a robust doctrine of Scripture's authority in the face of today's challenges and why a solid doctrinal foundation built on God's Word is the best hope for the future of the church. This book is an exploration of the past in order to better understand our present and the importance of reviving this indispensable doctrine for the Christian faith and church today. —THE FIVE SOLAS— Historians and theologians have long recognized that at the heart of the sixteenth-century Protestant Reformation were five declarations, often referred to as the "solas." These five statements summarize much of what the Reformation was about, and they distinguish Protestantism from other expressions of the Christian faith: that they place ultimate and final authority in the Scriptures, acknowledge the work of Christ alone as sufficient for redemption, recognize that salvation is by grace alone through faith alone, and seek to do all things for God’s glory. The Five Solas Series is more than a simple rehashing of these statements, but instead expounds upon the biblical reasoning behind them, leading to a more profound theological vision of our lives and callings as Christians and churches.

The Lost World of Scripture

The Lost World of Scripture
  • Author : John H. Walton,Brent Sandy
  • Publisher : InterVarsity Press
  • Pages : 0
  • Relase : 2013-11-01
  • ISBN : 9780830840328

The Lost World of Scripture Book Review:

Walton and Sandy summarize what we know of orality and oral tradition as well as the composition and transmission of texts in the ancient Near East and the Greco-Roman world, and how this shapes our understanding of the Old and New Testaments. The authors then translate these insights into a helpful model for understanding the reliability of Scripture.

Has God Said?

Has God Said?
  • Author : John Douglas Morrison
  • Publisher : Wipf and Stock Publishers
  • Pages : 320
  • Relase : 2006-03-01
  • ISBN : 9781597525817

Has God Said? Book Review:

Has God said? Has God actually spoken, declared himself and his purposes to us? Historically the Christian faith has affirmed God's redemptive, revelatory speaking as historical, contentful, redemptive, centrally in Jesus Christ and, under Christ and by the Spirit, in the text of Holy Scripture. But in the past three centuries developments in Western culture have created a crisis in relation to historical, divine authority. The modern reintroduction of destructive dualisms, cosmological and epistemological, via Descartes, Newton, Spinoza, and Kant have injured not only the physical sciences (e.g., positivism) but Christian theology as well. The resulting eclipse of God has permeated Western culture. In terms of the Christian understanding of revelation, it has meant the separation of God from historical action, the rejection of God's actual self-declaration, and especially in textual form, Holy Scripture. After critical analysis of these dualistic developments, this book presents the problematic effects in both Protestant (Schleiermacher, Bultmann, Tillich) and Roman Catholic (Rahner, Dulles) theology. The thought and influence of Karl Barth on the nature of Scripture is examined and distinguished from most Barthian approaches. The effects of dualistic Barthian thought on contemporary evangelical views of Scripture (Pinnock, Fackre, Bloesch) are also critically analyzed and responses made (Helm, Wolterstorff, Packer). The final chapter is a christocentric, multileveled reformulation of the classical Scripture Principle, via Einstein, Torrance, and Calvin, that reaffirms the church's historical identity thesis, that Holy Scripture is the written Word of God, a crucial aspect of God's larger redemptive-revelatory purpose in Christ.

No Authority Except from God

No Authority Except from God
  • Author : John Pistorius
  • Publisher : WestBow Press
  • Pages : 244
  • Relase : 2021-10-13
  • ISBN : 166424073X

No Authority Except from God Book Review:

It is written that a ruler will emerge to rule the entire world and place all into submission. Nobody will be able to buy or sell anything without being marked by this ruler. In turbulent times, everyone must understand the source of all authority and the biblical grounds of obedience and submission to human authorities. This book combines biblical evidence with historical records and personal experience to shine light on the truth about obeying and submitting to human powers. As you read, you'll get answers to questions like: - Must we surrender our beliefs, our faith, and our moral ground to human authorities? - What does God say about submitting to human authorities? - What does the Bible tell us about the leader that will take control during the end times? - How can those in authority use their power to properly honor Him? Even now, as the world has been besieged by a new virus strain, God's people must weigh every order and mandate with biblical truth. The enemy of souls will twist the truth to suit his own agenda. As we respond, we must trust in God's Word and remember there is No Authority Except From God.

Sacred Word, Broken Word

Sacred Word, Broken Word
  • Author : Kenton L. Sparks
  • Publisher : Wm. B. Eerdmans Publishing
  • Pages : 193
  • Relase : 2012-04-04
  • ISBN : 9780802867186

Sacred Word, Broken Word Book Review:

The Bible is a religious masterpiece. Its authors cast a profound vision for the healing of humanity through the power of divine love, grace and forgiveness. But the Bible also contains "dark texts" that challenge our ethical imagination. How can one book teach us to love our enemies and also teach us to slaughter Canaanites? Why does a book that preaches the equality of all people -- male and female, slave and free, Greek and Jew -- also include laws that permit God's people to trade in slaves and to persecute those of a different faiths or ethnicities? In Sacred Word, Broken Word Kenton Sparks argues that the "dark side" of Scripture is not an illusion. Rather, these dark texts remind us that all human beings, including the biblical authors, stand in need of God's redemptive solution in Jesus Christ.

Scripture Alone

Scripture Alone
  • Author : James R. White
  • Publisher : Baker Books
  • Pages : 224
  • Relase : 2004-10-01
  • ISBN : 9781441211620

Scripture Alone Book Review:

A denial of the sufficiency of Scripture is at the core of almost every form of opposition to the Christian faith today. Scripture Alone is written to instill a passionate love for and understanding of the Bible. In this defense of God's inspired Word, readers will comprehend what "God's Word"is, the nature of Scripture, the relationship of the Bible to tradition, how to apply Scripture to today's issues, and much more. Included is a faith-inspiring study of the canon--what it is and where it came from.

Is the Bible God's Word?

Is the Bible God's Word?
  • Author : Ahmad Deedat
  • Publisher : Islamic Propagation Centre International
  • Pages : 66
  • Relase : 1981-06-01
  • ISBN : 9780933511040

Is the Bible God's Word? Book Review:

A brief rebuttal to several points of Biblical theology by this well known debater is the subject of this booklet which is one of the authors most popular books.

Canon Revisited

Canon Revisited
  • Author : Michael J. Kruger
  • Publisher : Crossway
  • Pages : 370
  • Relase : 2012-04-30
  • ISBN : 9781433530814

Canon Revisited Book Review:

Given the popular-level conversations on phenomena like the Gospel of Thomas and Bart Ehrman’s Misquoting Jesus, as well as the current gap in evangelical scholarship on the origins of the New Testament, Michael Kruger’s Canon Revisited meets a significant need for an up-to-date work on canon by addressing recent developments in the field. He presents an academically rigorous yet accessible study of the New Testament canon that looks deeper than the traditional surveys of councils and creeds, mining the text itself for direction in understanding what the original authors and audiences believed the canon to be. Canon Revisited provides an evangelical introduction to the New Testament canon that can be used in seminary and college classrooms, and read by pastors and educated lay leaders alike. In contrast to the prior volumes on canon, this volume distinguishes itself by placing a substantial focus on the theology of canon as the context within which the historical evidence is evaluated and assessed. Rather than simply discussing the history of canon—rehashing the Patristic data yet again—Kruger develops a strong theological framework for affirming and authenticating the canon as authoritative. In effect, this work successfully unites both the theology and the historical development of the canon, ultimately serving as a practical defense for the authority of the New Testament books.

A Peculiar Glory

A Peculiar Glory
  • Author : John Piper
  • Publisher : Crossway
  • Pages : 304
  • Relase : 2016-03-16
  • ISBN : 9781433552663

A Peculiar Glory Book Review:

God has provided a way for all people, not just scholars, to know that the Bible is the Word of God. John Piper has devoted his life to showing us that the glory of God is object of the soul’s happiness. Now, his burden in this book is to demonstrate that this same glory is the ground of the mind’s certainty. God’s peculiar glory shines through his Word. The Spirit of God enlightens the eyes of our hearts. And in one self-authenticating sight, our minds are sure and our hearts are satisfied. Justified certainty and solid joy meet in the peculiar glory of God.

Desiring God

Desiring God
  • Author : John Piper
  • Publisher : Multnomah
  • Pages : 358
  • Relase : 1996
  • ISBN : 0880708697

Desiring God Book Review:

Insightful and heart-warming, this classic book is written for those who seek to know God better. It unfolds life-impacting, biblical truths and has been called a "soul-stirring celebration of the pleasures of knowing God."

They Smell Like Sheep

They Smell Like Sheep
  • Author : Dr. Lynn Anderson
  • Publisher : Simon and Schuster
  • Pages : 248
  • Relase : 2009-11-24
  • ISBN : 1439188378

They Smell Like Sheep Book Review:

Lynn Anderson, in this important book, leads us backwards in time to discover and identify the biblical leader for the future needs of the Christian community by looking at the leadership of a shepherd. What kind of leadership will effectively lead the church into the morally turbulent twenty-first century? The same kind of leadership that led it through the morally and politically chaotic first century. Shepherding. This is the kind of leadership Jesus used, and this is the kind of leadership that will take his church where he wants it to go. While the term “shepherd” produces warm images of love, care, and tenderness, it also describes a form of leadership that is perilously protective, dangerous, dirty, and smelly. “Shepherd” is something that every follower of Christ, the Good Shepherd, is called to become. Lynn Anderson, in this important book, leads us backwards in time to discover and identify the biblical leader for the future needs of the Christian community. Anderson’s deep dig for truth will concern, convict, and confront us about where leadership has been, and will set a new standard for where the future leader must go.

The Doctrine of Scripture

The Doctrine of Scripture
  • Author : Brad East
  • Publisher : Wipf and Stock Publishers
  • Pages : 214
  • Relase : 2021-08-27
  • ISBN : 9781532665004

The Doctrine of Scripture Book Review:

When Holy Scripture is read aloud in the liturgy, the church confesses with joy and thanksgiving that it has heard the word of the Lord. What does it mean to make that confession? And why does it occasion praise? The doctrine of Scripture is a theological investigation into those and related questions, and this book is an exploration of that doctrine. It argues backward from the church's liturgical practice, presupposing the truth of the Christian confession: namely, that the canon does in fact mediate the living word of the risen Christ to and for his people. What must be true of the sacred texts of Old and New Testament alike for such confession, and the practices of worship in which they are embedded, to be warranted? By way of an answer, the book examines six aspects of the doctrine of Scripture: its source, nature, attributes, ends, interpretation, and authority. The result is a catholic and ecumenical presentation of the historic understanding of the Bible common to the people of God across the centuries, an understanding rooted in the church's sacred tradition, in service to the gospel, and redounding to the glory of the triune God.

Belgic Confession

Belgic Confession
  • Author : Anonim
  • Publisher : Fig
  • Pages :
  • Relase :
  • ISBN : 9781623145422

Belgic Confession Book Review:

If God Still Breathes, Why Can't I?

If God Still Breathes, Why Can't I?
  • Author : Angela N. Parker
  • Publisher : Wm. B. Eerdmans Publishing
  • Pages : 120
  • Relase : 2021-09-14
  • ISBN : 9781467462532

If God Still Breathes, Why Can't I? Book Review:

A challenge to the doctrine of biblical inerrancy that calls into question how Christians are taught more about the way of Whiteness than the way of Jesus Angela Parker wasn’t just trained to be a biblical scholar; she was trained to be a White male biblical scholar. She is neither White nor male. Dr. Parker’s experience of being taught to forsake her embodied identity in order to contort herself into the stifling construct of Whiteness is common among American Christians, regardless of their race, ethnicity, gender, or sexual orientation. This book calls the power structure behind this experience what it is: White supremacist authoritarianism. Drawing from her perspective as a Womanist New Testament scholar, Dr. Parker describes how she learned to deconstruct one of White Christianity’s most pernicious lies: the conflation of biblical authority with the doctrines of inerrancy and infallibility. As Dr. Parker shows, these doctrines are less about the text of the Bible itself and more about the arbiters of its interpretation—historically, White males in positions of power who have used Scripture to justify control over marginalized groups. This oppressive use of the Bible has been suffocating. To learn to breathe again, Dr. Parker says, we must “let God breathe in us.” We must read the Bible as authoritative, but not authoritarian. We must become conscious of the particularity of our identities, as we also become conscious of the particular identities of the biblical authors from whom we draw inspiration. And we must trust and remember that as long as God still breathes, we can too.