Veggie Values

Veggie Values
  • Author : Karen Poth,Zondervan Publishing Staff,Mike Nawrocki,Cindy Kenney,Lisa Vischer,Mary Murray
  • Publisher : Zondervan
  • Pages :
  • Relase : 2010-08-29
  • ISBN : 0310720389

Veggie Values Book Review:

Join Larry, Bob, and all the other VeggieTales® characters as they learn how to help others in these four exciting adventures Each story in this collection uses humor and heart to convey important lessons about having good manners, helping others, listening, and sharing. This handy case with a sturdy handle includes the 4 books shown here.

Energetic Bodywork

Energetic Bodywork
  • Author : Rita J. McNamara
  • Publisher : Weiser Books
  • Pages : 218
  • Relase : 1998-01-01
  • ISBN : 9781578630332

Energetic Bodywork Book Review:

This introductory guide is aimed at anyone who is interested in working with the chakra system, meridiens and vibrational techniques, and includes chapters on vibrational therapies such as sound and colour therapy, aromatherapy, gemstone therapy and homeopathy.

Practical Horse Massage

Practical Horse Massage
  • Author : Renate Ettl
  • Publisher : Rowman & Littlefield
  • Pages : 96
  • Relase : 2005-12-01
  • ISBN : 9781461748861

Practical Horse Massage Book Review:

"Practical Horse Massage puts massage techniques and stretching exercises into perspective and is easy to learn."--Alaska Horse Journal "If you've ever thought that massage or stretching could benefit your horse, Practical Horse Massage is an easy, but thorough read."--Horse Illustrated "Well illustrated with color photographs, the author leaves nothing to chance and makes sure the reader will understand the various massage procedures by using pictures as well as text instructions."--The Northwest Horse Source This book provides a complete introduction to horse massage, with easy-to-learn techniques and exercises. It is a book for everyone who wants to help their horses to relax and regenerate after competitions or long rides.

Political Research

Political Research
  • Author : Sandra Halperin,Oliver Heath
  • Publisher : Oxford University Press, USA
  • Pages : 529
  • Relase : 2020-04
  • ISBN : 9780198820628

Political Research Book Review:

Political Research: Methods and Practical Skills, the market leading textbook in political research methods, is essential reading for students taking a module in research methods as part of a politics or international relations degree. Its accessible, step-by-step approach covers the entire research methods process, equipping students with the necessary skills to successfully conduct their own independent study and research. With coverage of both quantitative and qualitative methods, the book begins by guiding readers on how to come up with a research question, and leads the reader right through to writing up a final report. The book also includes chapters on theory, methodology, and the philosophy of social science, which are fully revised for the third edition to include up-to-date 'real world' examples, such as Gerber and Green's survey on political attitudes or Wantchekon's study on clientelism in Benin. These sections help students to understand essential debates around research methods, as well as sharing practical guidance. The easy to understand language and straightforward approach of Political Research: Methods and Practical Skills help students get to grips with particularly complex topics relating to epistemological, ontological and mythological research, and quantitative questions such as 'what is data?'. The third edition reflects key areas of development in the field, such as the increased importance of ethics, and changes in digital research. The book is also enhanced with a range of engaging learning features including chapter summaries, end-of-chapter conclusions and questions, and a guide to further reading, created to reinforce students' understanding of research methods and further explore specific approaches to research.

Practical Handbook of Warehousing

Practical Handbook of Warehousing
  • Author : Kenneth B. Ackerman
  • Publisher : Springer Science & Business Media
  • Pages : 572
  • Relase : 2012-12-06
  • ISBN : 9781461560135

Practical Handbook of Warehousing Book Review:

This is a fourth edition of a work first published in 1983. It contains the same number of chapters as the third edition, published in 1990. However, it has a substantial amount of new material. Major changes in warehousing in the last seven years have caused appropriate changes in the content of this text. Nearly three decades have passed since our first published writing about warehousing. The goal of our early writing was to develop a better understanding between the third-party warehouse operator and the user of these services. Today the emphasis has changed to a work that provides the tools that every warehouse manager needs. This book intends to be a comprehensive handbook consisting of everything we know that would help the manager of warehouses. Much of the information is based upon materials previously used in Warehousing Forum, our monthly subscription newsletter. While the work is designed primarily as a handbook for manag ers, it also serves as a guide for students. It is based upon my experience, both as a warehousing manager and executive, and later as a management advisor. The work is designed as a management reference for anyone involved in operating, using, constructing, or trading in industrial warehouses.

Practical Hydraulics

Practical Hydraulics
  • Author : Melvyn Kay
  • Publisher : CRC Press
  • Pages : 266
  • Relase : 2007-12-17
  • ISBN : 9780203960776

Practical Hydraulics Book Review:

Hydraulics has a reputation for being a complex, even intimidating, discipline. Put simply, hydraulics is the study of how water and similar fluids behave and can be harnessed for practical use. It is one of the fundamental scientific and engineering subjects and many professions demand a working knowledge of its basic concepts, yet most hydraulics textbooks are aimed at readers with a strong engineering or mathematical background. Practical Hydraulics approaches the subject from basic principles and demonstrates how these are applied in practice. It is clearly written and includes many illustrations and examples. It will appeal to a wide range of professionals and students needing an introduction to the subject, from farmers irrigating crops to fire crews putting out fires with high-pressure water hoses. However hydraulics is not just about water. Many other fluids behave in the same way and so affect a wide range of people from doctors, needing to know how blood flows in veins, to car designers, wanting to save fuel by reducing drag.

Pro HTML5 and CSS3 Design Patterns

Pro HTML5 and CSS3 Design Patterns
  • Author : Michael Bowers,Dionysios Synodinos,Victor Sumner
  • Publisher : Apress
  • Pages : 513
  • Relase : 2012-01-24
  • ISBN : 9781430237815

Pro HTML5 and CSS3 Design Patterns Book Review:

Pro HTML5 and CSS3 Design Patterns is a reference book and a cookbook on how to style web pages using CSS3 and HTML5. It contains 350 ready–to–use patterns (CSS3 and HTML5 code snippets) that you can copy and paste into your code. Each pattern can be combined with other patterns to create an unlimited number of solutions, and each pattern works reliably in all major browsers without the need for browser hacks. The book is completely up-to-date with code, best practices, and browser compatibilities for HTML5 and CSS3—enabling you to dive in and make use of these new technologies in production environments. Pro HTML5 and CSS3 Design Patterns is so much more than just a cookbook, though! It systematically covers every usable feature of CSS3 and combines these features with HTML5 to create reusable patterns. Each pattern has an intuitive name to make it easy to find, remember, and refer to. Accessibility and best practices are carefully engineered into each design pattern, example, and source code. The book’s layout, with a pattern’s example on the left page and its explanation on the right, makes it easy to find a pattern and study it without having to flip between pages. The book is also readable from cover to cover, with topics building carefully upon previous topics. Pro HTML5 and CSS3 Design Patterns book unleashes your productivity and creativity in web design and development. Instead of hacking your way toward a solution, you'll learn how to predictably create successful designs every time by reusing and combining modular design patterns.

PSM/RMP Auditing Handbook

PSM/RMP Auditing Handbook
  • Author : David Einolf,Luverna Menghini
  • Publisher : Government Institutes
  • Pages : 353
  • Relase : 1999-11-01
  • ISBN : 9781461624776

PSM/RMP Auditing Handbook Book Review:

This book provides facility managers with an easy-to-use annotated guide to completing a Process Safety Management/Risk Management Planning (PSM/RMP) audit and determining compliance. Using this reference, you'll learn how to evaluate current regulatory thinking and interpretations and develop a compliant and functioning PSM/RMP program. To simplify your process, the authors provide detailed examples of materials used in compliance audits, extensive examples of compliant programs, and relevant sample documents. PSM/RMP Auditing Handbook presents compliance audit guidelines in a question-and-answer format with the authors' interpretive answers to each. The PSM checklists examine such issues as employee participation, process-safety information, process-hazards analysis, operating procedures, training, contractors, pre-startup safety reviews, hot work permits, incident investigation, and trade secrets. The RMP checklists include worst-case analysis, five-year accident history, management responsibility, document management, safety information, hazard review, operating procedures, training, maintenance, and incident investigations. Special features include a detailed summary of each paragraph of both standards; the complete text of the Code of Federal Regulations (CFR) Title 40 Part 68 and CFR Title 29 Part 1910.119; and where practical, references to Internet addresses or web pages containing pertinent rules or requirement information.

Practical Stress Analysis in Engineering Design, Third Edition

Practical Stress Analysis in Engineering Design, Third Edition
  • Author : Ronald Huston,Harold Josephs
  • Publisher : CRC Press
  • Pages : 664
  • Relase : 2008-12-17
  • ISBN : 1420017829

Practical Stress Analysis in Engineering Design, Third Edition Book Review:

Updated and revised, this book presents the application of engineering design and analysis based on the approach of understanding the physical characteristics of a given problem and then modeling the important aspects of the physical system. This third edition provides coverage of new topics including contact stress analysis, singularity functions, gear stresses, fasteners, shafts, and shaft stresses. It introduces finite element methods as well as boundary element methods and also features worked examples, problems, and a section on the finite difference method and applications. This text is suitable for undergraduate and graduate students in mechanical, civil, and aerospace engineering.

Practical Horse Law

Practical Horse Law
  • Author : Brenda Gilligan
  • Publisher : John Wiley & Sons
  • Pages : 259
  • Relase : 2008-04-15
  • ISBN : 9781405148658

Practical Horse Law Book Review:

Practical Horse Law sets out to be an accessible and readable guide to the law for horse owners and riders in situations where they might need to consider their legal position and the need for legal advice. It also suggests steps which can be taken to prevent becoming involved in litigation in the first place. Horseriding is a risk sport, horses are valuable animals, and owners and riders need to be aware of all the legal pitfalls. It includes choosing a riding school, riding safely, whether in a school or on roads and tracks, buying, selling and loaning horses and equipment, accidents and veterinary negligence, how to make a claim and what to claim for, keeping horses at home or at livery, animal welfare and more.

Practical Solitary Magic

Practical Solitary Magic
  • Author : Nancy B. Watson
  • Publisher : Weiser Books
  • Pages : 274
  • Relase : 1996-11-01
  • ISBN : 0877288747

Practical Solitary Magic Book Review:

Many students don't want to be tied to a particular group or spiritual tradition, but prefer to search, experiment, and grow on their own; this book is perfect for these people. Watson discusses the principles that underlie magical practice in a veryeasy-to-understand manner. She includes information on affirmations, visualization, spiritual practices, folk magic, and ritual. Safety measures and ethical considerations are stressed throughout.

Practical Java

Practical Java
  • Author : Peter Haggar
  • Publisher : Addison-Wesley Professional
  • Pages : 324
  • Relase : 2000
  • ISBN : 0201616467

Practical Java Book Review:

Índice abreviado: General techniques -- Objects and equality -- Exception handling -- Performance -- Multithreading -- Classes and interfaces -- Appendix: learning Java.

Practical JavaScript, DOM Scripting and Ajax Projects

Practical JavaScript, DOM Scripting and Ajax Projects
  • Author : Frank Zammetti
  • Publisher : Apress
  • Pages : 552
  • Relase : 2007-09-08
  • ISBN : 9781430201977

Practical JavaScript, DOM Scripting and Ajax Projects Book Review:

This "learn by example" book offers 10 complete JavaScript projects that will save web developers countless hours of development time. These projects can serve as samples to learn from and/or be adapted for use in other projects. The 10 projects all address common needs in modern web applications, including a utility library, a validation framework, a GUI widget framework, a dynamic event calendar application, a drag and drop shopping cart, and more! Coverage details JavaScript best practices, Ajax techniques, and some of the most popular JavaScript libraries, such as Prototype,, and the Yahoo YUI library.

Practical Parallel Rendering

Practical Parallel Rendering
  • Author : Alan Chalmers,Erik Reinhard,Tim Davis
  • Publisher : CRC Press
  • Pages : 392
  • Relase : 2002-06-26
  • ISBN : 9781439863800

Practical Parallel Rendering Book Review:

Meeting the growing demands for speed and quality in rendering computer graphics images requires new techniques. Practical parallel rendering provides one of the most practical solutions. This book addresses the basic issues of rendering within a parallel or distributed computing environment, and considers the strengths and weaknesses of multiprocessor machines and networked render farms for graphics rendering. Case studies of working applications demonstrate, in detail, practical ways of dealing with complex issues involved in parallel processing.

Practical Quantum Electrodynamics

Practical Quantum Electrodynamics
  • Author : Douglas M. Gingrich
  • Publisher : CRC Press
  • Pages : 360
  • Relase : 2006-05-10
  • ISBN : 9781420010688

Practical Quantum Electrodynamics Book Review:

Taking a heuristic approach to relativistic quantum mechanics, Practical Quantum Electrodynamics provides a complete introduction to the theory, methodologies, and calculations used for explaining the physical interaction of charged particles. This book combines the principles of relativity and quantum theory necessary for performing the calculations of the electromagnetic scattering of electrons and positrons and the emission and absorption of photons. Beginning with an introduction of the wave equations for spin-0 and spin-1/2 particles, the author compares and contrasts the relativistic and spin effects for both types of particles. He emphasizes how the relativistic treatment of quantum mechanics and the spin-1/2 degree of freedom are necessary to describe electromagnetic interactions involving electron scattering and points out the shortfalls of the wave-equation approach to relativistic quantum mechanics. Developing the Feynman rules for quantum electrodynamics by example, the book offers an intuitive, hands-on approach for performing fundamental calculations. It also illustrates how to perform calculations that can be related to experiments such as diagrams, lifetimes, and cross sections. Practical Quantum Electrodynamics builds a strong foundation for further studies and research in theoretical and particle physics, particularly relativistic quantum field theory or nonrelativistic many-body theory.

Practical Math Success in 20 Minutes a Day

Practical Math Success in 20 Minutes a Day
  • Author : LearningExpress Editors,Learningexpress Llc
  • Publisher : Learning Express Llc
  • Pages : 236
  • Relase : 2009
  • ISBN : 1576856828

Practical Math Success in 20 Minutes a Day Book Review:

Offers a diagnostic test to identify strengths and weaknesses, includes twenty lessons covering vital math skills, and provides access to online practice exercises and customized diagnostic reports.

Practical Lock Picking

Practical Lock Picking
  • Author : Deviant Ollam
  • Publisher : Elsevier
  • Pages : 255
  • Relase : 2010-07-27
  • ISBN : 9781597496117

Practical Lock Picking Book Review:

For the first time, Deviant Ollam, one of the security industry's best-known lockpicking teachers, has assembled an instructional manual geared specifically toward penetration testers. Unlike other texts on the subject (which tend to be either massive volumes detailing every conceivable style of lock or brief "spy manuals" that only skim the surface) this book is for INFOSEC professionals that need essential, core knowledge of lockpicking and seek the ability to open most locks with relative ease. Deviant's material is presented with rich, detailed diagrams and is offered in easy-to-follow lessons which allow even beginners to acquire the knowledge very quickly. Everything from straightforward lockpicking to quick-entry techniques like shimming, bumping, and bypassing is explained and shown.Whether you're being hired to penetrate security or simply trying to harden your own defenses, this book is essential.

Practical Manual of Echocardiography in the Urgent Setting

Practical Manual of Echocardiography in the Urgent Setting
  • Author : Vladimir Fridman,Mario Garcia
  • Publisher : John Wiley & Sons
  • Pages : 280
  • Relase : 2013-03-19
  • ISBN : 9781118613405

Practical Manual of Echocardiography in the Urgent Setting Book Review:

Practical Manual of Echocardiography in the Urgent Settingcovers the essentials of echocardiography in the acute setting,from ultrasound basics to descriptions of all pertinentechocardiographic views to clear stepwise advice on basiccalculations and normal/abnormal ranges. This compact new reference: • Provides step-by-step guidance to acquiring the correct views andmaking the necessary calculations to accurately diagnose cardiacconditions commonly encountered in urgent settings. • Presents information organized by complaint/initial presentation sothat readers can work from this first knowledge of the patientthrough the steps required to pinpoint a diagnosis. • Covers echo basics, from sound wave characteristics/properties tocommon device settings to basic ultrasound formulas. • Includes diagnostic algorithms fitted to address the differentialdiagnosis in the most commonly-encountered clinical scenarios. Designed and written by frontline clinicians with extensiveexperience treating patients, Practical Manual of Echocardiographyin the Urgent Setting is the perfect pocket-sized guide forresidents in cardiology, emergency medicine, and hospital medicine;trainees in echocardiography; medical students on cardiology oremergency medicine rotations; technicians, nurses, attendingphysicians -- anyone who practices in the urgent setting and whoneeds reliable guidance on echocardiographic views, data andnormal/abnormal ranges to aid rapid diagnosis and decision-makingat the point of care.

Practice Makes Perfect Physics

Practice Makes Perfect Physics
  • Author : Connie J. Wells
  • Publisher : McGraw Hill Professional
  • Pages : 224
  • Relase : 2011-06-10
  • ISBN : 9780071746960

Practice Makes Perfect Physics Book Review:

Don't be perplexed by physics. Master this science with practice, practice, practice! Practice Makes Perfect: Physics is a comprehensive guide and workbook that covers all the basics of physics that you need to understand this subject. Each chapter focuses on one major topic, with thorough explanations and many illustrative examples, so you can learn at your own pace and really absorb the information. You get to apply your knowledge and practice what you've learned through a variety of exercises, with an answer key for instant feedback. Offering a winning formula for getting a handle on science right away, Practice Makes Perfect: Physics is your ultimate resource for building a solid understanding of physics fundamentals.

Practical Tissue Culture Applications

Practical Tissue Culture Applications
  • Author : Karl Maramorosch
  • Publisher : Elsevier
  • Pages : 442
  • Relase : 2012-12-02
  • ISBN : 9780323150170

Practical Tissue Culture Applications Book Review:

Practical Tissue Culture Applications contains the proceedings of a conference held at the International Laboratory for Research on Animal Diseases in Nairobi, Kenya, August 24-29, 1978. This book aims to describe some of the more important practical applications of in vitro techniques in a simple, easily understandable manner. Organized into three sections, with a total of 27 chapters, this book provides critical reviews, describes various techniques, and presents complete step-by-step methodology. It emphasizes applications pertaining to the health and economy in developing nations. In particular, this book discusses the pitfalls in preparing general purpose culture media, balanced salt solutions, and the procedures followed in the development of modern in vitro techniques. It also describes techniques for cultivation of vertebrate cells and organs; plant tissue culture and its numerous applications; and electron microscopy of cultured cell. This book explains as well virus isolation and identification in cell cultures, mass production of cells for vaccines, and use of cultured cells for drug evaluation. The applications of in vitro techniques to parasitology are explored in numerous chapters of this book. Considering the potential benefit of application of in vitro techniques, this reference material will be of interest both in developed and developing countries.