Money Blessings

Money Blessings
  • Author : Cicely Bland
  • Publisher : Empower House Publishing, LLC
  • Pages : 108
  • Relase : 2012-07-24
  • ISBN : 9780981657318

Money Blessings Book Review:

Money Blessings: Powerful Affirmations for Attracting Prosperity! will help you increase greater abundance by turning away from negative thoughts and words about wealth. The 102-page book written by Cicely Bland provides a fun and easy approach to increasing the wealth in your life. As a student and teacher of metaphysical principles, the author s.

The People's Budget, to Produce Millions of Money, ... and Millions of Blessings to the British and Irish Nation, as a People, as Well as to All Nations and Peoples ... By One of the People. [L. J. H., I.e. L. J. Hansard.]

The People's Budget, to Produce Millions of Money, ... and Millions of Blessings to the British and Irish Nation, as a People, as Well as to All Nations and Peoples ... By One of the People. [L. J. H., I.e. L. J. Hansard.]
  • Author : L. J. H.
  • Publisher :
  • Pages : 54
  • Relase : 1854
  • ISBN : BL:A0017295849

The People's Budget, to Produce Millions of Money, ... and Millions of Blessings to the British and Irish Nation, as a People, as Well as to All Nations and Peoples ... By One of the People. [L. J. H., I.e. L. J. Hansard.] Book Review:

Money Blessings

Money Blessings
  • Author : Cicely Bland
  • Publisher : Empower House Publishing, LLC
  • Pages : 91
  • Relase : 2012-09-12
  • ISBN : 9780981657325

Money Blessings Book Review:

Money Blessings: Powerful Affirmations for Attracting Prosperity! will help you increase greater abundance by turning away from negative thoughts and words about wealth. The 102-page book written by Cicely Bland provides a fun and easy approach to increasing the wealth in your life. As a student and teacher of metaphysical principles, the author shares the positive practices of using daily affirmations, prayer and meditation to overcome any financial challenges. The book’s affirmations will take you on a spiritual journey of understanding how the Law of Attraction works. Each page of the book offers an affirmation, supporting passage and scripture which connects readers to the powerful prospering energy that resides within each one of us. The essence of what this book teaches is that we control our destiny with the energy our conscious and subconscious minds send out into the Universe. It is a force we direct with our thoughts, beliefs and words. Money Blessings affirmations help turn readers’ attention away from lack and limitation by focusing on faith in the prospering spiritual power within. Readers will discover that Money Blessings affirmations positions them to increase wealth, not just for the individual, but for their loved ones and the global community as they repeatedly align their energy with the First Cause of all wealth: God. The power this book has to transform lives increases when you share the experience of reading it with your family, friends or co-workers. Readers are encouraged to form Money Blessings Circles with their families, friends, civic organizations, co-workers and professional colleagues in order to create conscious collective networks committed to manifesting increased abundance together.

Blessings: Questions and Answers

Blessings: Questions and Answers
  • Author : J. Michael Lewis
  • Publisher : WestBow Press
  • Pages : 133
  • Relase : 2013-12
  • ISBN : 9781490818337

Blessings: Questions and Answers Book Review:

This book covers significant questions and answers regarding our God-given blessings. It first discusses issues concerning both our early-life nature-oriented blessings and the ones later in life, which are goal-oriented. The point is that currently in life each of us is blessed with a God-given goal for our remaining time on earth. The book initially addresses what a blessing is, where it has come from, how important it is, and what our responsibilities for achieving it are. The most significant part of the book involves eight major blessing areas, including friendship, love, and religion. The largest value to you is coverage of each of these areas with detailed definitions of blessing statements, visions, action plans, goals, and performance measures. These examples will help identify and address your specific God-given goals. Another inspiring, supportive part of each blessing area is a poem. The subject for each poem is for the blessing statement to help emphasize the important mindset you need to achieve that particular blessing goal. If desired, you can adjust, add, or subtract the verses and words to these poems as needed to make them more appropriate for your goals and meaning in life. Overall, the book addresses God's goal for our lives as defined by the blessings He has given us. The book's approach may likely result in more detailed understanding of your blessings and provide an improved chance of success. More importantly, the book emphasizes an approach that will improve our lives as God's children.

Count Your Blessings

Count Your Blessings
  • Author : Robert W. Bly
  • Publisher : Thomas Nelson
  • Pages : 148
  • Relase : 2008-07-13
  • ISBN : 9781418557669

Count Your Blessings Book Review:

As a child, when Robert Bly skinned his knee, his mother would always remind him to count his blessings because the injury could be worse. At the time, he found it irritating, but as an adult, he has realized the wisdom of her approach. Moreover, he has learned that in the overwhelming majority of cases, the sum of our blessings is greater than the sum of our problems. With that in mind, he offers Count Your Blessings, a fascinating mix of more than 100 often overlooked blessings-from the seemingly trivial to the highly significant. The brief entries-on subjects such as anesthesia, flowers, opposable thumbs, and Post-it Notes-are accompanied by a unique self-scoring system that allows the reader to see in mathematical terms that the blessings in our lives almost always outnumber the misfortunes. Readers will experience an increasing level of gratitude as they are reminded of the everyday items and experiences that make life more enjoyable and satisfying.


  • Author : Lambert Okafor
  • Publisher : Otakada Inc
  • Pages : 132
  • Relase :
  • ISBN :


The main focus of this book is broken down as follows: 1 To show us that God really wants to bless us, both spiritually and materially. 2 To show us how to obtain these blessings without undue struggles, with emphasis on doing it yourself. 3 To put the records straight, to correct the impression that Christianity is full of restless efforts and fruitless exercises. To correct the impression that one has to do so much fasting, penance, long prayers and a host of other religious things before one can receive 'blessings' from God. 4 To straighten up the records, to show what God's blessings really are and the simple way to get them, and to point out the wrong use of certain words, which we have been using to our own detriment. 5 To show that the glorious presence of God is indeed all we need to do well in this life. It sufficed for the saints of old; it is also sufficient for us today, too, if we really taste of it, for, “in His presence is fullness of joy.” 6 To put the priorities right in our desires and pursuits. If 'one' must come before 'two', but we choose to do it the other way (i.e. we put 'two' before 'one'), it will not work. Spiritual things are governed by certain principles and laws. If we disregard these divine principles and orders, we will not get the result we expect no matter how we fast and pray! 7 We are now in the End-time, when satan will use hardship as a weapon to try to lure the saints away from their faith and then destroy them. (Matthew 24: 12). We must now draw close enough to the Lord Jesus and shield ourselves in His presence, as the only sure way to overcome, to the end. 8 To correct the impression that God is only 'spiritual', 'spiritual', 'spiritual'. No! God is also 'physical', 'physical', 'physical'. After all, He gave us the spirit and the body, therefore He cares for both. When He sent Elijah to brook Kerith and Zarephat for his spiritual training, He also arranged for the ravens to feed his physical body too! In fact, the woman of Zarephat was asked to give him food, first! So God cares for both our spiritual and material needs, only that we have to be disciplined and orderly about it. (Matthew 6: 33). 9 There is so much deception in today's church. This is because there is hardship and suffering in the land and people are rushing to the church for 'solution', However, rather than get help from our leaders, many leaders have turned the whole exercise into a theatre of exploitation, employing all sorts of gimmicks to milk the already confused and lost sheep. The Lord now wants to reach each sheep personally and directly, so as to put life back into them and bind their many wounds, feed them, all by Himself. So, the emphasis here is on do it yourself, alone with God. 10 It is a call to 'Discipleship'. The ultimate gospel commission is that we should “make disciples of all nations” (Matthew 28: 19-20). Gathering the crowd is now over. It is now time for discipleship, leading people to begin to know Jesus personally and intimately. That was how the church started – on a note of discipleship. That is how it will also end. Now is the time to do it. And Moses said, if Your PRESENCE will not go with us, then please do not let us go there… And the Lord said, “My PRESENCE will go with you, and I will give you REST.” (Exodus 33: 14-15). God wants to bless us and give us peace and rest in this life, but we must learn how to dwell in His Presence, for that is where all our needs shall be met. God's End-time Programme for the Preparation and Perfection of the Bride of Christ That He might present it to Himself a glorious church, not having spot, or wrinkle, or any such thing, but that it should be holy, and without blemish (Ephesians 5: 27). - LaFAMCALL (End-time) Ministries There is a new move of God, called HOLY GHOST SCHOOL. It is very simple, yet very powerful. It is simple and powerful in the sense that, through it, God will transform your life and the lives of all members of your family within a short time! Problems that have been there for years, which have refused to go despite all efforts, all these will be washed away by the WATER OF LIFE, which is flowing from the throne of God. This Water of Life will touch you through HOLY GHOST SCHOOL. All these will be done without your effort and struggles! Yes, in all these you will not be required to do much. You only have to rest in God's presence while He goes about, doing all these for you. God does not need our fleshly struggles anymore. He now wants us to enter into His presence and enjoy His REST, while He concludes the work that He began in our lives. This is the work of PERFECTION He is now doing in the lives of His children – through Holy Ghost Schooling. It is one of God's end-time programmes to make the bride of Christ ready! (Rev 19: 7). It is the sweet wine He reserved for us, for the last days. The New Wine is now being served.  In the LAST DAYS … many people will come and say come, let us go up to the mountain of the LORD… He will teach us His ways, so that we may walk in His paths. (Isaiah 2: 2, 3)  I will INSTRUCT thee and TEACH thee in the way which thou shall go. I will GUIDE thee with Mine eye. (Psalms 32: 8)  But the Comforter, the Holy Spirit, whom the Father will send in My name, (He) will TEACH you ALL THINGS … (John 14: 26) WHAT IS HOLY GHOST SCHOOL? Holy Ghost School is God's end-time Discipleship Programme – by Revelation. It is a new thing in our time. It is a new move of God which He specifically kept for the Last days. He revealed this to His Prophet, Isaiah and confirmed it through Micah, to show how important it is. In the LAST DAYS the mountains of the Lord's house shall be established in the top of the mountains, and shall be exalted above the hills; and all nations shall flow unto it. And many people shall go and say, come ye and let us go up to the mountain of the Lord … And HE WILL TEACH US His ways, and we will walk in His paths …(Isaiah 2: 2,3). This prophecy is repeated word for word in Micah 4: 1, 2 and it simply means that in the last days the presence of God will be exalted above every other pursuit of man. The mountain of God means God's presence. Other hills means things men are pursuing in their self-will. In the Last Days there will be shaking of nations, and fear will come upon all. As end-time calamities sweep across nations, fear will come upon all men. Men will then abandon their selfish, carnal pursuits and will run to God for protection and safety. In other words, a day is coming when everyone will seek God and pursue Him above any other desire. On that day the Mountain of the Lord (God's presence) would be desired above every other thing. It further said that in that time, men will seek God just for one thing, that He may teach us HIS WAYS. People would become tired of seeking miracles and blessings and all that. Now they will seek just one thing – knowledge of God. Moreover, they will no longer depend on man's adulterated teachings. They will rather go to God Himself, to learn directly from Him the ways of LIFE! This is the Holy Ghost School we are talking about. God revealed it to His servants and told them it would take place in the LAST DAYS, Now, everything shows that we are in the Last Days. Therefore Holy Ghost School has taken off, as God said it should be. FURTHER MEANING OF HOLY GHOST SCHOOL In practice, Holy Ghost School simply means somebody learning directly from God! When you separate yourself to God, and allow Him to teach you, and lead you in the way you should go, then you are in the Holy Ghost School. That is all! It simply means, one being taught and being led by the Holy Spirit (Romans 8: 14). WHO IS THE TEACHER IN HOLY GHOST SCHOOL? In John 14: 26, Jesus said that the Holy Spirit would be our Teacher and that He would teach us all things we need to know in this life! In Isaiah 2: 3 and Psalms 32: 8, God Himself says He is to teach us His ways. 1 John 2: 27 says the Anointing (that is the Holy Spirit) is to teach us everything, so that we would not need to run about anymore, seeking man to direct us. The primary purpose of sending the Holy Spirit is that He might become our Teacher (see John 14: 26). And when the Holy Spirit teaches us, that is what we call Holy Ghost School! So, do you want the Holy Spirit to become your personal teacher? Do you want Him begin to teach you the ways of God? Do you want Him to teach you all things you need to know in this life? Do you want Him to begin to lead you and direct you in the way you should go? All you need is to ask Him, and He will begin to do so! He is waiting for you to request. When He begins to lead and teach you, and you begin to obey His leading willingly, then you have joined the Holy Ghost School! It is as simple as that! RECOMMENDED BOOKS The following books will help you, if you can get them. Study them during your covenant time, as well as other times. BOOKS FOR SPIRITUAL GROWTH, PERFECTION OF LIFE AND CHARACTER TRANSFORMATION. 1. Whose Image Are You? - LaFAMCALL Ministries 2. Spiritual Colours - LaFAMCALL Ministries 3. Journey into the Wealthy Place - Ngozi Anyaora 4. I Fear God - Ngozi Anyaora 5. How To Hear From God - Lambert Okafor 6. Becoming Like Jesus - Gbile Akanni 7. Secrets Of The Vine - Bruce Wilkinson 8. Practise Of The Presence Of God - Brother Lawrence 9. The Final Quest - Rick Joyner 10. I Dared To Call Him Father - Bilquis Sheik 11. If Not For The Grace Of God - Joyce Meyer 12. The Secret Place - Dale Fife 13. The God Chasers - Tommey Tenney 14. Matters of the Heart - Juanita Bynun 15. Let God Guide You Daily - Wesley L. Duewel 16. Normal Christian Life - Watchman Nee 17. Breaking Outer Man And Release Of Spirit - Watchman Nee 18. Pathway to Glory - Watchman Nee 19. Spiritual Knowledge - Watchman Nee 20. Sit, Walk, Stand - Watchman Nee 21. Love Not The World - Watchman Nee 22. The Overcoming Life - Watchman Nee 23. Secrets To Spiritual Power - Watchman Nee 24. Authority and Submission - Watchman Nee 25. Three Battle Grounds - Francis Frangipane 26. Stones Of Remembrance - Fuchsia Pickett 27. A passion for God's presence - Wayne Jacobson 28. Men from God's School - Oswald Sanders 29. The Heart of Man - All Nations Publishers 30. Tapping God's Resources - Gbile Akanni

The Morning Blessings

The Morning Blessings
  • Author : Tessa-Marie Shillingford
  • Publisher : Archway Publishing
  • Pages : 60
  • Relase : 2019-06-21
  • ISBN : 9781480877559

The Morning Blessings Book Review:

Do you ever feel like you need a different perspective on life? Do you find yourself forgetting to take time to appreciate all the little things in life? How often do you seek out peace of mind and devote yourself to being more spiritually, mentally, and emotionally prepared to go through your day? In The Morning Blessings, author Tessa-Marie Shillingford offers you a daily morning blessing that will encourage you to devote time to being you. The blessing will remind you to laugh, smile, and realize that your cup is at least half full. There will be days when the blessings will hit the nail on the head. That day could be when a loved one told you how inadequate you are. The blessing will give you a nudge to ignore those negative comments and remind you that you are truly wonderful and amazing. The blessing will inspire you to take a step back and observe how delightful life can be. The Morning Blessings will sometimes encourage you to interact with others with a completely new attitude. The blessings will teach you to accept what you cannot change. Then, when you least expect it, the blessing of the day will remind you of your goals and encourage you to push forward with words that will wake up the fabulous you and apply a magnifying glass to some of your core beliefs.

Divine Providence

Divine Providence
  • Author : Emanuel Swedenborg,Jonathan S. Rose
  • Publisher : The Swedenborg Foundation
  • Pages : 491
  • Relase : 2003
  • ISBN : 9780877855057

Divine Providence Book Review:

In Divine Providence, Swedish scientist-turned-seer Emanuel Swedenborg undertakes the difficult task of bridging his transcendent vision of a perfectly loving God with the sometimes unloving world where we all live.

365 Blessings to Heal Myself and the World

365 Blessings to Heal Myself and the World
  • Author : Pierre Pradervand
  • Publisher : John Hunt Publishing
  • Pages : 352
  • Relase : 2018-06-29
  • ISBN : 9781785357305

365 Blessings to Heal Myself and the World Book Review:

Can you imagine what it would feel like to never feel any resentment for any wrong done to you? To respond with full awareness to all situations rather than react from your gut? What freedom that would entail! Well, this is just one of the gifts the practice of blessing from the heart, sending out focused love energy, will do for you. This book, from the bestselling author of The Gentle Art of Blessing, will help you learn to bless all situations and people as you go through the day and add overwhelming joy and presence to your existence.

Inspirational Blessings

Inspirational Blessings
  • Author : Nomi Sharron
  • Publisher : Balboa Press
  • Pages : 140
  • Relase : 2016-10-12
  • ISBN : 9781504358712

Inspirational Blessings Book Review:

Warning! It is dangerous to read this book! For it will change your life, and there is no going back. We have all been offered many more Blessings than we may have received. This book is a tool to help you open up and receive them. Your life is a journey into healing physical, emotional and spiritual. Your Blessings are the building blocks along this path. This book of Inspirational Blessings offers you a transformational journey into yourself. It can inspire and enrich your life beyond measure, guiding you to fulfill your deepest dreams. It is a blueprint for living your life with greater consciousness, helping you to recognize the best of who you are, who you can be; to see the infinite possibilities that your life offers, bringing integrity, wholeness, abundance, self-empowerment and unconditional love. Let Inspirational Blessings help you release everything that keeps you stuck and fearful, liberate your imagination, creativity and self-esteem, expand your courage, and recognize the miracles in your life! There are fifty-two Blessings to help you move forward on your spiritual journey. And the Joker, who brings fun and delight and humour into your life! The journey of Inspirational Blessings offers you growing wisdom and compassion, and the recognition that your life is a Blessing. It guides you towards the profound Mystery and meaning of life, expanding your consciousness, connecting you to your Higher Self and to the Source of the All That Is. The journey of the Blessings is your journey home.

My Greatest Blessings

My Greatest Blessings
  • Author : Nikki Henderson
  • Publisher : WestBow Press
  • Pages : 166
  • Relase : 2020-06-18
  • ISBN : 9781973692799

My Greatest Blessings Book Review:

In her greatly anticipated book, “My Greatest Blessings”, Nikki uncovers the fibers of her heart to share her journey of single parenthood. She reveals the myths as well as the joys of this delicate calling. As you read these pages, it will be as if you and Nikki are sitting down, having a conversation about the journey of love, family, and faith. You will experience moments of laughter, and even some moments of tears as your heart moves along the pages of this memoir meant to warm the soul. Written plainly from the heart, My Greatest Blessings, will prove to challenge the status quo, stir up unrealized dreams, and provide insight on how to get to the other side of victory, despite any circumstance.

The New Witch

The New Witch
  • Author : Marie D. Jones
  • Publisher : Visible Ink Press
  • Pages :
  • Relase : 2020-10-01
  • ISBN : 9781578597284

The New Witch Book Review:

Celebrate the Modern Witch! Good energy. Sacred spaces. Healing, harmony and balance. Honoring Earth and nature. Developing your sixth sense. Tapping into your natural talents and creativity. Unlocking your potential. Being your best self. Connecting your soul to life, nature, and all living creatures. Harnessing the power of natural magic, The New Witch: Your Guide to Modern Witchcraft, Wicca, Spells, Potions, Magic, and More bridges the ancient pagan ways of our ancestors and today’s digital world to help you live a happy life to its fullest. Embracing the past and honoring the future, The New Witch focuses on the harmony between the “new way” of technology and the “old way” of living. It brings together the brave new world of gadgets and social networks with the wise nature-based traditions of our ancestors by offering ideas on how to combine the old with the new for a more successful, fulfilling practice. Discover and learn about ... Finding tools and items for spells and rituals Amplifying the good and dispelling the bad “High Magic” versus “Low Magic” Getting grounded, alert, and aware for spell casting Finding substitutions for items you might not have available Learning the astrological correspondences of candle colors Recharging your own energy Building your intuitive muscles Adding love in your life Calming anxiety Lifting your vibration Improving sleep Learning the connection between the Moon’s phases and Moon magic Understanding the benefits (and detriments) of technology And much more! Rediscovering the past and aligning it for today’s world, The New Witch offers a look at fresh, new ways to make the old craft fun, exciting, inspiring, and workable on any budget. It covers everything from spell casting to ritual work to divination methods to herbal medicine in today's world, plus tips on social networking, making a podcast, finding tools of the craft online, finding and creating products to sell, and more. You’ll discover how to bring balance and harmony to modern life through the inherent magic found in nature. With many photos, illustrations and graphics, this tome is richly illustrated. Its helpful bibliography and extensive index add to its usefulness. It's the Field Guide for the Modern Witch!

Generosity Generates Blessings

Generosity Generates Blessings
  • Author : Carmelia Stokes
  • Publisher : AuthorHouse
  • Pages : 162
  • Relase : 2007-10
  • ISBN : 9781434319609

Generosity Generates Blessings Book Review:

There's no available information at this time. Author will provide once information is available.

Financially Secure

Financially Secure
  • Author : Deborah McNaughton
  • Publisher : Thomas Nelson Inc
  • Pages : 209
  • Relase : 2002-01-08
  • ISBN : 9781418556495

Financially Secure Book Review:

Financially Secure addresses women from all walks of life and takes them through all stages of financial health. Whether a reader is married, single, divorced, widowed, or a college student, this book will give her a total money program for becoming financially aware and secure. Building a financial portfolio may be uncomfortable and unfamiliar territory for some, but as a reader learns all of the ins and outs of the financial world, she will be empowered with strength. Financially Secure will enable readers to: Protect their finances Set financial goals Create a budget and prioritize debts Understand the various types of investing options and the risks involved. Filled with anecdotes from McNaughton's experiences, along with interactive elements that help readers apply material as they go, the book allows women to assess where they are financially and then offers solutions to get them where they want to be. Ideal for women needing to 'clean up' the record and consequences of past financial mistakes, or for those desiring to be proactive and make educated financial plans, Financially Secure can help women in all stages of financial health to honor God with their finances.

Day's Collacon: an Encyclopaedia of Prose Quotations

Day's Collacon: an Encyclopaedia of Prose Quotations
  • Author : Anonim
  • Publisher :
  • Pages : 1318
  • Relase : 1884
  • ISBN : UOM:39015013730653

Day's Collacon: an Encyclopaedia of Prose Quotations Book Review:

The Blessings of Poverty

The Blessings of Poverty
  • Author : Diane Boone
  • Publisher : Xlibris Corporation
  • Pages : 164
  • Relase : 2013-07-25
  • ISBN : 9781483661407

The Blessings of Poverty Book Review:

To being with, please understand that I do realize how paradoxical the title of this work may seem. In fact, I can hear the astonished question you may be asking just now: Povertya blessing! How can that be? Well, lets go to the dictionary and see if the definition of the word blessing can help answer that question. In Websters New Collegiate Dictionary we find the following entry next to the word blessing: a thing conducive to happiness or wellbeing. Most of us are so focused on the happiness part of the definition that we only see Gods hand of blessing when were happy; we forget that not everything conducive to our wellbeing makes us feel happy. Just as a loving parent will bless their child with both comforts and discipline, so God blesses us with both comforts and challenges. As I look at the lives of my family and myself, I can see how God has strengthened our walk with Him through our financial struggles. Because of this fact, I say with assurance that financial struggles can be used of the Lord to truly bless us. Next, I want to ask you to take my use of the word poverty with the proverbial grain of salt, as my intent is to use the term in a very tongue in cheek manner. Ive actually heard of individuals complaining because they have to choose between landscaping their newly built home or taking a second vacation this year; or lamenting the fact that times are so hard they have to cut their annual vacation to Hawaii from the usual four weeks to only two weeks. The truth is many, many people sharing our world would be ecstatic to have the standard of living that most of us are enjoying. So, viewed from their perspective, wouldnt it seem that if we have a roof over our heads, proper clothing to wear and eat three meals a day were doing pretty well for ourselves? Its also true that God has spread His children throughout the world in different cultures, with different gifts and with different incomes. There is nothing wrong with having a comfortable income or owning lovely things. And there is certainly nothing wrong with working hard to provide for your family. In fact, many Godly people mentioned in scripture had a great deal of wealth: Abraham, Isaac, Joseph, Job, King David and Joseph of Arimathia are just a few that spring to mind. There are also many Godly people mentioned in scripture who had very little wealth: Mary & Joseph, the beggar (Lazarus), the widow with her two mites, and our Lord, Himself. There is nothing inherently more spiritual with one state or the other. Those with wealth need to thank God most sincerely for what they do have and to beware of falling into the trap of pride (look at me and how successful Ive been!). And its been very interesting for me to realize that those with modest incomes also need to thank God most sincerely for what they do have and to beware of falling into the trap of pride (look at me - getting along on a small income must somehow make me more spiritual than the wealthy!). Did you know that when the Lord was on earth one of His most frequent topics of discussion was money? He never condemned wealth, He condemned the preoccupation with wealth and the belief that a persons worth or security comes from amassing huge amounts of wealth. Regardless of whether we have a large amount of this worlds goods or a small amount, it all belongs to God. We need to use whatever we do have to further Gods kingdom and honor Him by caring for our families and reaching out to those in need. And all of us need to embrace the truths found in Matthew 6:25-34 and find our security in the wonderful care of our loving Heavenly Father. I, myself, was raised in a Christian home by parents who were quite well off financially. I just never realized it until I was almost finished with high school. Im sure this is partly because Im not a very visual person, so I tended not to notice or compare things as much as others. But I really think that it wa

Absolute Money

Absolute Money
  • Author : Britton Armstrong Hill
  • Publisher :
  • Pages : 117
  • Relase : 1875
  • ISBN : BL:A0022039019

Absolute Money Book Review:

Experience God... His Love ... His Blessings ... His Power ...

Experience God... His Love ... His Blessings ... His Power ...
  • Author : BOBBI HODGES
  • Publisher : Trafford Publishing
  • Pages : 116
  • Relase : 2011-11-01
  • ISBN : 9781466902589

Experience God... His Love ... His Blessings ... His Power ... Book Review:

How do you know who is a Christian and who is a hypocrite? Why do Christians say born again? What does it mean to be saved? Whats the difference between being religious and being spiritual? Why does following the Bible seem so complicated? In Experience God His Love His Blessings His Power , author Bobbi Hodges, with guidance from the Holy Bible, answers these questions. Writing for pre-Christians and new believers, Hodges provides clarity to the many issues facing todays believers by separating the many biblical truths from myths and facts from fiction. She sheds light on Gods promises for your life. Sharing the truth of what many of todays pastors fear to teach from the pulpit, she seeks to bring about protection from ignorance and rebellion. Experience God His Love His Blessings His Power provides encouragement, hope, and direction for a broken world facing the end times. It not only brings insight of Gods prosperous plan for your life, but also helps you recognize the power, the faith, and the beauty God has placed in you through Jesus Christ.

The Magnolia League

The Magnolia League
  • Author : Katie Crouch
  • Publisher : Poppy
  • Pages : 368
  • Relase : 2011-05-03
  • ISBN : 9780316126915

The Magnolia League Book Review:

When her free-spirited mother dies in a tragic accident, sixteen-year-old Alexandria Lee is forced to leave her West Coast home and move in with a wealthy grandmother she's never known in Savannah, Georgia. By birth, Alex is a rightful if unwilling member of the Magnolia League-Savannah's long-standing debutante society. But white gloves and silk gowns are a far cry from the vintage t-shirts and torn jeans shorts she's used to. Alex is the first in decades to question the Magnolia League's intentions, yet even she becomes entangled in their seductive world. The members enjoy youth, beauty and power...but at what cost? As Alex discovers a pact between the Magnolias and the Buzzards, a legendary hoodoo family, she discovers secrets-some deadly-hidden beneath the glossy Southern veneer. New York Times bestselling author Katie Crouch's poignant and humorous voice shines in this enchanting and mysterious story about girls growing up in a magical Southern city.

Life Faith & Money CHALLENGE/ Christian Concepts

Life Faith & Money CHALLENGE/ Christian Concepts
  • Author : William Medina
  • Publisher : William Medina
  • Pages : 70
  • Relase :
  • ISBN : 9798606754526

Life Faith & Money CHALLENGE/ Christian Concepts Book Review:

Take the challenge! Change your life and allow God to make a difference. Money is a tool to be properly used for the glory of God, His kingdom and the building of the saints. God calls us to be good stewards of all that he has entrusted to us. He has given us much and many of us spend our days in prayer asking God for more, ignoring and often times misusing what He has graciously already placed in our care. One of the personal task in this eBook will require you to examine yourself in such a way that you will either be amazed or horrified of the truth you find. I speak from experience, when I first did this it shocked me to find out and visually see the truth about myself.