Male Wanted / Prize Pupil

Male Wanted / Prize Pupil
  • Author : Betty Jo Schuler,Micky K. Osburn
  • Publisher : Hard Shell Word Factory
  • Pages : 272
  • Relase : 2002-11
  • ISBN : 9780759906150

Male Wanted / Prize Pupil Book Review:

Male Wanted: Taylor Gayle advertises in The Town Crier for a male to date, but Max Stuart misprints her ad to indicate she's looking for a "sadomasochistic male to mate" and includes her address. To atone, Max becomes her live-in protector. Now, who's going to protect this high school librarian from the unbelievably sexy newspaper editor? And who's going to save Max from this feisty Plain Jane's charms? Max finds Taylor in her long skirts and oversized specs as tantalizing as a package in plain brown wrap with no return address. She thinks he looks like a CEO but can't handle the simplest task. She thinks he's short on ambition. He thinks she should relax. She wants a serious man. He wants a fun-loving woman. They want one another. Neither are what they seem. But while these two fake their ways into each other's lives, they find a love that's real. Prize Pupil: When Detective Morgan Evans goes undercover in Thomas Jefferson Junior High to catch a trio of juveniles responsible for several large burglaries, his biggest problem is counselor Kate Duncan. Student conduct philosophy will never be the same. Though they are forced to work together, Kate is certain Morgans presence in the school will destroy the trust of the students. Morgan is just as positive that if he doesn't find the culprits soon, someone will be killed.

The Zig Zag Kid

The Zig Zag Kid
  • Author : David Grossman
  • Publisher : Farrar, Straus and Giroux
  • Pages : 320
  • Relase : 2003-08-01
  • ISBN : 9781466803763

The Zig Zag Kid Book Review:

David Grossman's classic novels See Under: Love and The Book of Intimate Grammar, earned him international acclaim as an author of childhood. The Zig Zag Kid is written in a more optimistic vein, and recounts thirteen-year-old Nonny Feuerberg's picturesque journey into adulthood. As Nonny's Bar Mitzvah year trip turns into an amazing adventure, he not only finds himself befriending a notorious criminal, and a great actress, but confronts the great mystery of his own identity. With wit and humor, The Zig Zag Kid is a novel that explores the most fundamental questions of good and evil and speaks directly to both adults and teenagers.

Sweeter Than Dreams

Sweeter Than Dreams
  • Author : Olga Bicos
  • Publisher : Speaking Volumes
  • Pages : 512
  • Relase : 1995
  • ISBN : 9781628156621

Sweeter Than Dreams Book Review:

SWEETER THAN DREAMS is a classic love story, a quest for treasure, and a voyage into the unknown. It starts when Leydianna Carstair, bookkeeper and dreamer, meets nobleman Quentin Alexander Rutherford. Lord Ruthless, as she calls him, is handsome, wealthy, unpredictable...and about to have his well-ordered life turned upside down by his mischievous new employee. It's the beginning of a wild adventure where anything can happen—and does—from kidnapping to kisses, piracy to passion. The setting is the middle of the British Caribbean in the eighteenth century, and love is only one of the dreams that come true.

Our Founders' Warning

Our Founders' Warning
  • Author : Strobe Talbott
  • Publisher : Brookings Institution Press
  • Pages : 244
  • Relase : 2020-08-25
  • ISBN : 9780815738244

Our Founders' Warning Book Review:

The presidency of Donald Trump has wreaked havoc on American democracy, divided American society, unsettled foreign allies and partners, and heartened dictators around the world. The damage at home and abroad is likely to cast a long shadow into the future. Trump has also defiled the past, most notably America’s origin and its soul. The Founders counted on their successors to protect and perfect their prodigy with its fundamental ideals, laws, and procedures. They also aspired to a code of personal morals and character. Paramount were honesty, rationality, empathy, and responsibility to the citizenry. These liberal, revolutionary criteria for public service and leadership derived from the European Enlightenment. The spirit of that movement and its American version is alien to Trump, and many of his predecessors would find him abhorrent and dangerous. Strobe Talbott tells that story from the vantage of the Age of Trump, bringing out the stark contrast between the 45th president and the first six—Washington, Adams, Jefferson, Madison, Monroe, John Quincy Adams, who were children of the Age of Reason. Amid myriad books on the Trump phenomenon in these dark days, Talbott shines a light on our history in hope that the Founders' legacy, now in peril, will be vindicated.

Catalogue de Ruxe of the Modern Masterpieces Gathered by the Late Connoisseur

Catalogue de Ruxe of the Modern Masterpieces Gathered by the Late Connoisseur
  • Author : William H. Stewart
  • Publisher :
  • Pages : 204
  • Relase : 1898
  • ISBN : MINN:319510023589014

Catalogue de Ruxe of the Modern Masterpieces Gathered by the Late Connoisseur Book Review:

Last Time Out

Last Time Out
  • Author : John Nogowski
  • Publisher : Rowman & Littlefield
  • Pages : 328
  • Relase : 2022-07-01
  • ISBN : 9781493068470

Last Time Out Book Review:

Most sports fans know that Ted Williams ended his major league career with style, swatting a home run in his final at bat. But what about Babe Ruth? Ty Cobb? Joe DiMaggio? Willie Mays? How did some of baseball's greatest players bow out of The Game? Last Time Out answers that question as it examines how the greatest players in baseball history left the game they once ruled. The stories of these men and how they finished their careers, never collected anywhere before now, show another side of the men whose achievements on the field made them legends. After hours and hours of research, through biographies, microfilm, magazines, and memories, award-winning sportswriter John Nogowski culled the stories of the final games of 25 of The Game's greatest athletes-Babe Ruth, Christy Mathewson, Ty Cobb, Jackie Robinson, Dizzy Dean, Satchel Paige, Carlton Fisk, Bob Feller, Joe Morgan, and Carl Yastrzemski are among those featured. This impressive work recounts the circumstances surrounding these final games and puts you in a box seat to witness and sense the moment as these glorious careers ceased, most often with little fanfare. Whether it be Shoeless Joe Jackson, Lou Gehrig, Pete Rose, or Cal Ripken, Jr., Last Time Out beautifully captures in words and photographs the essence of these players' last time in uniform and celebrates the magic of the game these famed players mastered and loved.

Scotland Yesterday

Scotland Yesterday
  • Author : William Wallace
  • Publisher : London : [s.n.]
  • Pages : 240
  • Relase : 1893
  • ISBN : UGA:32108005272276

Scotland Yesterday Book Review:

Russian Music at Home and Abroad

Russian Music at Home and Abroad
  • Author : Richard Taruskin
  • Publisher : Univ of California Press
  • Pages : 556
  • Relase : 2016-09-06
  • ISBN : 9780520288089

Russian Music at Home and Abroad Book Review:

This new collection views Russian music through the Greek triad ofÊÒthe Good, the True, and the BeautifulÓ to investigateÊhow the idea of "nation" embeds itself in the public discourse about music and other arts with results at times invigorating, at times corrupting. In our divided, postÐCold War, and now postÐ9/11 world, Russian music, formerly a quiet corner on the margins of musicology, has become a site of noisy contention. Richard Taruskin assesses the political and cultural stakes that attach to it in the era of Pussy Riot and renewed international tensions, before turning to individual cases from the nineteenth century to the present. Much ofÊthe volume is devoted to the resolutely cosmopolitan but inveterately Russian Igor Stravinsky, one of the major forces in the music of the twentieth century and subject of particular interest to composers and music theorists all over the world. Taruskin here revisits him for the first time since the 1990s, when everything changed for Russia and its cultural products. Other essays are devoted to the cultural and social policies of the Soviet Union and their effect on the music produced there as those policies swung away from Communist internationalism to traditional Russian nationalism; to the musicians of the Russian postrevolutionary diaspora; andÊto the tension between the compelling artistic quality of works such as StravinskyÕs Sacre du Printemps or ProkofieffÕs Zdravitsa and the antihumanistic or totalitarian messages they convey. Russian Music at Home and Abroad addresses these concerns in a personal and critical way, characteristically demonstrating TaruskinÕs authority and ability toÊbring living history out of the shadows.

Joking Matters

Joking Matters
  • Author : F.W. Watt
  • Publisher : FriesenPress
  • Pages : 96
  • Relase : 2014-12-02
  • ISBN : 9781460249475

Joking Matters Book Review:

Professor Felix Hart and his wife Jessica are an expatriate English couple carrying baggage from their different pasts into their Toronto mid-life crises. For her, the early death of an idealized first husband has left a deep need for security, something Felix is unable to supply. For him, a two year medical trauma after a near fatal car accident seems to keep him struggling to take seriously anything in his personal or university life. Felix, though amused and flattered by a visit to his wife's psychiatrist at her insistence, is himself drawn to misfits. Lisa (a hospital nurse), who eased his hospital pains, but later almost drags him into her own mired marital affairs. Alison (an English Department colleague he tries to help), enduring a brutal husband's sadism. A second Alison (a young student needing his comfort), having a dangerous affair with a married fellow professor. Louis Fein (a popular visiting scholar), whose mock theory is that every human relationship is a flirtation. Eleanor (working at CBC Television), a 29 year old virgin who perhaps handles Felix's sex counseling wisely. In the end, his tennis playing partner and divorce lawyer friend Max, together with his needful wife Jessica, bring Felix to wonder whether real life should be more than just escapism into modern versions of jocosa materia, the old comic tales which are the subject of his serious academic research. More fiction by F.W. Watt Heads or Tails 23 Stories After the Funeral Loving Daughters The Road to Sutton The Youth Drug The Lannigan Set-Up Where is Julius

The Concept of Woman, v3

The Concept of Woman, v3
  • Author : Allen
  • Publisher : Wm. B. Eerdmans Publishing
  • Pages : 574
  • Relase : 1997
  • ISBN : 9780802868435

The Concept of Woman, v3 Book Review:

The culmination of a lifetime's scholarly work, this pioneering study by Sister Prudence Allen traces the concept of woman in relation to man in Western thought from ancient times to the present. Volume I uncovers four general categories of questions asked by philosophers for two thousand years. These are the categories of opposites, of generation, of wisdom, and of virtue. Sister Prudence Allen traces several recurring strands of sexual and gender identity within this period. Ultimately, she shows the paradoxical influence of Aristotle on the question of woman and on a philosophical understanding of sexual coomplemenarity. Supplemented throughout with helpful charts, diagrams, and illustrations, this volume will be an important resource for scholars and students in the fields of women's studies, philosophy, history, theology, literary studies, and political science. In Volume 2, Sister Prudence Allen explores claims about sex and gender identity in the works of over fifty philosophers (both men and women) in the late medieval and early Renaissance periods. Touching on the thought of every philosopher who considered sex or gender identity between A.D. 1250 and 1500, The Concept of Woman provides the analytical categories necessary for situating contemporary discussion of women in relation to men. Adding to the accessibility of this fine discussion are informative illustrations, helpful summary charts, and extracts of original source material (some not previously available in English). In her third and final volume Allen covers the years 1500--2015, continuing her chronological approach to individual authors and also offering systematic arguments to defend certain philosophical positions over against others.

The Red Mass

The Red Mass
  • Author : Valentine Williams
  • Publisher : Good Press
  • Pages : 205
  • Relase : 2021-08-31
  • ISBN : EAN:4064066361297

The Red Mass Book Review:

"The Red Mass" by Valentine Williams. Published by Good Press. Good Press publishes a wide range of titles that encompasses every genre. From well-known classics & literary fiction and non-fiction to forgotten−or yet undiscovered gems−of world literature, we issue the books that need to be read. Each Good Press edition has been meticulously edited and formatted to boost readability for all e-readers and devices. Our goal is to produce eBooks that are user-friendly and accessible to everyone in a high-quality digital format.

The School World

The School World
  • Author : Anonim
  • Publisher :
  • Pages :
  • Relase : 1916
  • ISBN : CHI:096977677

The School World Book Review:

The Best and the Brightest

The Best and the Brightest
  • Author : David Halberstam
  • Publisher : Ballantine Books
  • Pages : 722
  • Relase : 1993-10-26
  • ISBN : 9780449908709

The Best and the Brightest Book Review:

David Halberstam’s masterpiece, the defining history of the making of the Vietnam tragedy, with a new Foreword by Senator John McCain. "A rich, entertaining, and profound reading experience.”—The New York Times Using portraits of America’s flawed policy makers and accounts of the forces that drove them, The Best and the Brightest reckons magnificently with the most important abiding question of our country’s recent history: Why did America become mired in Vietnam, and why did we lose? As the definitive single-volume answer to that question, this enthralling book has never been superseded. It is an American classic. Praise for The Best and the Brightest “The most comprehensive saga of how America became involved in Vietnam. . . . It is also the Iliad of the American empire and the Odyssey of this nation’s search for its idealistic soul. The Best and the Brightest is almost like watching an Alfred Hitchcock thriller.”—The Boston Globe “Deeply moving . . . We cannot help but feel the compelling power of this narrative. . . . Dramatic and tragic, a chain of events overwhelming in their force, a distant war embodying illusions and myths, terror and violence, confusions and courage, blindness, pride, and arrogance.”—Los Angeles Times “A fascinating tale of folly and self-deception . . . [An] absorbing, detailed, and devastatingly caustic tale of Washington in the days of the Caesars.”—The Washington Post Book World “Seductively readable . . . It is a staggeringly ambitious undertaking that is fully matched by Halberstam’s performance. . . . This is in all ways an admirable and necessary book.”—Newsweek “A story every American should read.”—St. Louis Post-Dispatch

Witness to Hope

Witness to Hope
  • Author : George Weigel
  • Publisher : Zondervan
  • Pages : 1056
  • Relase : 2009-10-13
  • ISBN : 9780061758645

Witness to Hope Book Review:

“Fascinating...sheds light on the history of the twentieth century for everyone.”—New York Times Book Review Now, with an updated preface, the latest edition of the definitive biography of Pope John Paul II that explores how influential he was on the world stage and in some of the most historic events of the twentieth century that can still be felt today. Witness to Hope is the authoritative biography of one of the singular figures—some might argue the singular figure—of our time. With unprecedented cooperation from John Paul II and the people who knew and worked with him throughout his life, George Weigel offers a groundbreaking portrait of the Pope as a man, a thinker, and a leader whose religious convictions defined a new approach to world politics—and changed the course of history. As even his critics concede, John Paul II occupied a unique place on the world stage and put down intellectual markers that no one could ignore or avoid as humanity entered a new millennium fraught with possibility and danger. The Pope was a man of prodigious energy who played a crucial, yet insufficiently explored, role in some of the most momentous events of our time, including the collapse of European communism, the quest for peace in the Middle East, and the democratic transformation of Latin America. With an updated preface, this edition of Witness to Hope explains how this “man from a far country” did all of that, and much more—and what both his accomplishments and the unfinished business of his pontificate mean for the future of the Church and the world.

New Essays in Metaphysics

New Essays in Metaphysics
  • Author : Robert Cummings Neville
  • Publisher : State University of New York Press
  • Pages : 340
  • Relase : 1986-01-01
  • ISBN : 9781438414546

New Essays in Metaphysics Book Review:

This volume displays fifteen of the many lively options in the field of metaphysics. The authors, having finished their formal education in the 1960s or later, belong to the generation of philosophers whose rebellion was against those who thought they saw metaphysics in the grand sense to be passe or impossible. The authors also share a commitment to the importance of metaphysics for the social and cultural life of our time. Despite the diversity of argued opinions on the fundamental array of metaphysical topics, these essays display the zest of a reborn enterprise, at once appropriating a rich and honorable past and moving into new areas only recently thought illegitimate for philosophy.

Beethoven's Eroica

Beethoven's Eroica
  • Author : James Hamilton-Paterson
  • Publisher : Basic Books
  • Pages : 192
  • Relase : 2017-12-05
  • ISBN : 9781541697546

Beethoven's Eroica Book Review:

An ode to Beethoven's revolutionary masterpiece, his Third Symphony In 1805, the world of music was startled by an avant-garde and explosive new work. Intellectually and emotionally, Beethoven's Third Symphony, the "Eroica," rudely broke the mold of the Viennese Classical symphony and revealed a powerful new expressiveness, both personal and societal. Even the whiff of actual political revolution was woven into the work-it was originally inscribed to Napoleon Bonaparte, a dangerous hero for a composer dependent on conservative royal patronage. With the first two stunning chords of the "Eroica," classical music was transformed. In Beethoven's Eroica, James Hamilton-Paterson reconstructs this great moment in Western culture, the shock of the music and the symphony's long afterlife.

Everything on It Third Timeand's Our Charm

Everything on It Third Timeand's Our Charm
  • Author : Marco LeVasseur
  • Publisher : Page Publishing Inc
  • Pages : 311
  • Relase : 2020-05-15
  • ISBN : 9781683486664

Everything on It Third Timeand's Our Charm Book Review:

Book Delisted

Monsieur de Saint-George

Monsieur de Saint-George
  • Author : Alain Guédé
  • Publisher : Picador
  • Pages : 240
  • Relase : 2015-07-28
  • ISBN : 9781250091482

Monsieur de Saint-George Book Review:

The first full biography of one of the greatest figures of eighteenth-century Europe, known in his time as the "Black Mozart" Virtually forgotten until now, his life is the stuff of legend. Born in 1739 in Guadeloupe to a slave mother and a French noble father, he became the finest swordsman of his age, an insider at the doomed court of Louis XVI, and, most of all, a virtuosic musician. A violinist, he directed the Olympic Society of Concerts, which was considered the finest in Europe in an age of great musicians, including Haydn, from whom he commissioned a symphony, and Mozart, to whom he was often compared. He also became the first Freemason of color, embracing the French Revolution with the belief that it would end the racism against which-despite his illustrious achievements-he struggled his whole life. This is the life of Joseph Bologne, known variously as Monsieur de Saint-George, the "Black Mozart," and, because of his origins, "the American." Alain Guédé offers a fascinating account of this extraordinary individual, whose musical compositions are at long last being revived and whose story will never again be forgotten.

North American Contributions to the History of Linguistics

North American Contributions to the History of Linguistics
  • Author : Francis P. Dinneen,E.F.K. Koerner
  • Publisher : John Benjamins Publishing
  • Pages : 238
  • Relase : 1990-01-01
  • ISBN : 9789027278050

North American Contributions to the History of Linguistics Book Review:

This volume unites papers given by members of the North American Association for the History of the Language Sciences (NAAHoLS) at meetings held in Washington, D.C., in March and December 1989, respectively. They represent the scope and breadth of interest of North American scholars in this growing field, ranging from linguistic concepts, ideas, and theories in the Classical Greek and Roman period to developments in grammatical theory and sociolinguistics in the second half of the 20th century, and from the study of American Indian languages in the 17th through the present century and the philosophy of language from Aristotle to John Locke, to F.B. Skinner and Chomsky. A detailed Index of Authors, including life-dates, rounds off the volume. The text of this volume has also been published in Historiographia Linguistica XVII:1/2.

Bertolucci's The Last Emperor

Bertolucci's The Last Emperor
  • Author : Bruce H. Sklarew,Bonnie S. Kaufman,Diane Borden,Ellen Handler Spitz
  • Publisher : Wayne State University Press
  • Pages : 286
  • Relase : 1998
  • ISBN : 0814327001

Bertolucci's The Last Emperor Book Review:

In this anthology, filmmakers, psychoanalysts, film scholars, and cultural historians use a psychoanalytic approach to examine Bernardo Bertolucci's epic film The Last Emperor (I988). Evolving out of a conference on Bertolucci's work,the essays interweave psychological, political, and cinematic themes in The Last Emperor as well as in much of Bertolucci's other works. This volume includes a foreword by Bernardo Bertolucci and is organized into four parts or "takes," including "Filmcraft," "Psychoanalysis," "Film Scholarship," and "Cultural History." Although we can never fully know the real Aisingioro Pu Yi, Bertolucci used his vision of the intricate relationship between art, ideology, and the psychic experience to tell the story of one ordinary man's extraordinary life. Bertolucci's The Last Emperor hopes to illuminate this complex and often enigmatic creation as well as renew an excitement about the possibilities of interdisciplinary criticism in film studies.